10 social media tips to stop social media being such a chore!

10 social media tips to stop social media being such a chore!
Ever wondered how other small businesses seem to post regularly to social media whilst you are left worrying that for the third week in a row you haven’t updated your social media profiles? We are all guilty of this sometimes, so here are 10 ways to find motivation for updating social media.

1. Limit the profiles you use.

Just because they all exist it doesn’t mean that you have to try and use them all. If your audience are over 50  (or even over 30!) they are probably not that active on Snapchat, so don’t do it. Think about who you audience are and focus on a couple of profiles only. I have another business, a Travel business called Wanderful for which I  only use  Facebook and Instagram. That said, according to the latest stats worldwide, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users which is a 17% increase year on year. Carefully choose what you are going to use and commit to it.

2. Think about your ideal customer.

Before choosing what platforms to use, think about what you are selling and how well you can showcase this across different platforms. Instagram is a great visual platform, so perfect for Wanderful, yet not so suited to  Twitter. Think about the type of content you have and how it is best shared and viewed.

3. Plan out your content in advance – this is so simple and so important.

What is happening in your business? Are there any national holidays or celebrations that you can take advantage of or promote around?  You can check national celebration days here.

4. Think about what your users want.

According to emarketeer, from a user’s perspective, photos are also the most engaging type of content on Facebook and other platforms, with a whopping 87% interaction rate from fans! No other post type received more than a 4% interaction rate.

5. Look for engaging photos and visual content on various free stock photography sites.

See our blog post on this. Make sure to check usage rights first though. For a list of stock photography sites download our biz boosting resources here.

6. Quickly create graphical posts and quotes.

Use a tool like Canva. They even have a handy app so you can do it on the tube or at the pub!

7. Use a social media scheduler to plan it all out in advance.

I tend to work a month in advance and try and plan out updates in a few hours. Buffer is one of our favourites and there is a free platform to get you started. See our blog on other platforms and tools to use.   You can also download our Social Media checklist that gives you 30 days of content ideas to kick start your scheduling.

8. Share other people’s content too.

Good social media practice is not to just share your own content all the time, so find other content that your audience will like and share too. Use a content aggregator such as Feedly to find content which your audience might like.

9. Re-share popular content.

There is no reason why you only need so share something once. If it gets good engagement, recycle and post again the following day or week  depending on your platform.

10. Use relevant hashtags to make sure that people can search for your content.

Particularly on Twitter and Instagram. You can search for hashtag inspiration here and also, 20 ways to boost your Twitter profile.

11. And if you are still stuck for inspiration share this video of lots of cute dogs!

Ok I said 10 but I got carried away….and I don’t suppose the dog video counts really.  
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