10 ways in which a small business marketing consultant can help grow your business

10 ways in which a small business marketing consultant can help grow your business
While a lot of us can be reluctant to seek help and outsource advice from others, often it is exactly what our business needs in order to flourish. A good marketing consultant is an invaluable tool to any small business and will be able help you achieve goals, whether they be general or specific, act as a mentor and carry out certain tasks to ensure that they are done to the optimum level.
Here are 10 ways that a small business can benefit from using a marketing consultant in order to aid growth.
  1. Plan: Do you sometimes find yourself implementing something or not implementing something without any real plan or knowing why?  actions that your business is taking in order to achieve certain goals and a good consultant will be able to advise about how you can do this effectively and will ensure that your plan stays on track. Check out our blog on the key elements of a marketing plan.
  2. Define your goals:  How do you know something is working if you haven’t set goals – whether they be revenue goals or goals for measuring your marketing efforts a marketing consultant can help you define what an achievable and SMART goal is. I work in 90 day cycles review actions in 2 week sprints. Try it!
  3. Get to your why:  Simon Sinek famously wrote Start with Why (check out his Ted talk here) and how if you start with why,  your values will be so clear to your potential customers that it will inspire them to take action and buy from you and not your competitors. The Why in your business is so important and will help set you apart from your competitors .
  4. Understand your clients: How well do you know your customers – I mean really know your customers? do you really understand what they want? what their pain points are, what they need help with?  By understanding this you can provide the services and products that your clients will buy again and again.
  5. Keep you on track: It’s one thing writing a plan and setting goals but its another keeping on track and ensuring your get them done and accountability is key for this. I promise you
  6. Get shit done: Sometimes there is just too much stuff to do and you need to outsource some of this to someone else to just get it done.
  7. Figure out our customer user experience: This week I was in House of Fraser and was on the receiving end of some of the worst customer journey experience ever. To be clear it was not the sales team in the store – they actually tried to be helpful. I had a refunded gift voucher that can only be used online and not in store. Why? technology I guess, teams not talking to each other to implement something that would actually be a great user experience for your customers? Either way its left a bad taste about the store and I won’t go back in a hurry.  Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to help figure out where there are problems in the customer journey.
  8. Make it seem like you have more in your team than you really do:  This one is key for building your business. Yes of course transparency for your clients is 100% required, but you also need to be able to show that you have the ability to serve larger and more clients. By automating your business with the help of a marketing consultant you can achieve this quickly and easily. Check out our blog on automating your business.
  9. Keep you up to date with the latest trends – someone who is involved with marketing as their business will be up to date on all the latest trends and technology and will suggest the best things for you to implement for your business
  10. Save you time and money – Because you are getting the best advice on the latest trends you can get straight to the tactics and activities that you need to implement to grow your business. which means that you can get to the specifics like and you can focus on doing what you do best. Running your business.
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