10 Ways To Grow Your Email List

10 Ways To Grow Your Email List

Marketing e-mails are a great way to persuade customers new and old to buy from you, but growing your subscriber list can feel like fighting a losing battle at times.

If you need a nudge in the right direction, here are our top tips to grow your e-mail list.

Make sure your opt-in box is a feature

Instead of leaving it as an afterthought, make sure to make your opt-in box is a feature on your website. Pop-up boxes work well for this, as they’re incredibly clear and make website visitors take notice. You can try using Sumo Me to get started.

Offer exclusive content

Give potential subscribers a real reason to sign up. Use your e-mails to give dedicated subscribers exclusives such as white papers, a fun podcast, or even an informative webinar. Not only will this please them, it will also cement you as a leader in your field. I use many different content offers. You will find a great resource kit here to try out.

Share previous newsletters online

This is a great way to entice potential subscribers by showing them what they’re missing. Simply share previous newsletters on your social media channels.

Work with others

Make connections with other business in your sectors. If you drum up a good working relationship, you could create a deal to promote one another’s newsletters.

Use killer calls to action

When posting blogs or any other online content, include a call to action that persuades people to sign up to your newsletter.

Run contests

A well thought out contest can be fun and engaging for your customers, new and old. The key here is to outline what the contest involves and then make signing up for your mailing list a requirement of entering. If done well, new subscribers are bound to tell their friends.

Offer a discount or a bonus

If relevant offer visitors the chance to bag an exclusive discount code or a bonus or offer when they sign up. Everyone loves a bargain, so this is a sure fire way to entice new subscribers.

Be regular

Make sure your e-mails are sent out regularly. When subscribers see that you put out regular can’t-miss content, they will be more inclined to share it with friends.

Use testimonials

A glittering testimonial from a happy customer can persuade people to get involved. Make the most of your customer testimonials by including them next to your e-mail opt-in box.

Optimise your content

Having an amazing online presence is a sure fire way to increase your subscriber list. Optimise your blog posts following our handy guide here and add include a killer call to action, and you’ll see an increase in subscribers.

So, there you have it! If you want more top tips like this, why not sign up to our very on e-mail list here. Can you really afford not to?




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