3 reasons why you need a content marketing strategy (and not a new website)

3 reasons why you need a content marketing strategy (and not a new website)
The other day I was having a conversation with a fellow biz owner who is struggling a little to get in new clients. That conversation went something like this.
“”I need a new website”” Why do you think that? Well Im struggling to get new customers. I think its cos my website is awful/needs changing/no one is looking at it ( you know the picture – fill in the blanks!) “”well it maybe needs some work but you don’t need a new site, what you actually need is a content marketing strategy.”” Sound familiar? Too often I see people investing money [and time] in something that they don’t need. ( I mean I’ve been guilty of thinking this myself in the past – distract myself with bright and shiny objects and bury my head in the sand).

But trust me when I tell you to invest some time in a content marketing strategy and here are 3 reasons why.

  1. Your ideal customers are at the heart of your content strategy and trust me if you don’t know who these are then a new website ain’t gonna help you anyway.Spend some time mapping out who your ideal clients are, where they hang out, what their interests are, what Facebook Groups they are in and develop your marketing around this. Only by knowing who your clients are will you be able to map out where to talk to them and how to get your message heard.
  2. The Content and editorial plan is key to your strategy.Now you know who your ideal client is you can map out the types of content that is going to interest them to sell your services. A blog is the ideal way to do this and it serves 2 purposes. Not only does it keep google happy (new fresh lovely content will get you noticed google style) but it also means that you start to stand out against your competition. You can start to build that know like and trust factor. If your struggling to think up what content to share there are loads of [free] resources out there. A good resource is the Hubspot blog post topic generator You literally type in 3 nouns on your chosen subject matter and they give you 5 blog post topics.  Go on try it now! My next blog is gonna be 10 of the Best Blogs To Follow About Small Business as a result.
  3. Content sharing 101In the old days ( like 5 years ago) it used to be said that an Advert [print TV] needed to be seen by someone  at least seven times before there was any brand recognition. And that really hasn’t changed. Its almost like with the advent of social media everyone thought well I have a Facebook page and Ive posted a few times that that is it. Actually never has it been truer that your potential clients need to see you multiple times before you can start to build that brand recognition. Daniel Priestly talks about the power of  the 7 hour rule and takes this further with the concept of 7/11/4. Meaning they need to actively consume your content for 7 hours, in 11 different ways (infographics, text, audio, images)  in 4 different locations (blog, website, social media, podcast). Essentially what this means is you’ve mapped out your customers, your devised your content plan and you need to start sharing it with a coherent content sharing strategy.  So as well as having a sharing plan you can repurpose your content in so many ways . You can create an infographic, an audio file, repurpose for a guest blog post.  Check out our blog sharing checklist for more ideas on this.
  4. Ok I know I said 3 reasons but actually there are 4. If you really focus on your content marketing strategy it doesn’t need to cost you a penny – Bonus!

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