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3 Ways to Establish Authority and Win Business As A Coach

3 Ways to Establish Authority and Win Business As A Coach

Several factors come into play when it comes to success in your coaching business. Dedication to constant learning, having the right tools and delivering excellent client results are essential. But being seen as the authority and the go-to figure in your chosen specialism is also crucial for generating new business.

Establishing yourself as an authority is vital to your overall success. But how do you do this? After all, you can’t just say you are an expert.

Here are my suggestions for how to establish your authority and win business as a coach

Contribute to the discourse and learning environment of your field of work.

The first step to becoming an authority in business is to become visible. People around you won’t recognize your head if they don’t know who you are. Your perception as an authority figure in your area of business or being seen as an expert (or leader) comes back to your brand identity.

Write and speak about your area of business. And do it often. Chat with others, and not just other leaders – with everyone!

  • Speak in public. One of the most common fears people have is speaking in public. If you can command a room when you talk and can talk about a subject expertly, you will immediately be seen as an authority figure. All the people who hear you will see themselves on the bench listening to a great coach talk to them! Here are some suggestions for how to get your name out there more:
  • Podcasting is also an ideal way of getting your spoken content published for anyone to consume. The beauty of this format is that your content is archived, and your listeners, who may grow over time, will go to your episodes for professional direction. Podcasting goes a long way to establishing you as an authority figure.
  • Publish content regularly. LinkedIn is a great place to write in short form all your ideas, but a brand website could also have blogs and columns you write to convey your opinion on anything. Websites are great for housing longer-form pieces on topics where a short blurb won’t do it justice. You could also turn this into a subscriber section to increase revenue.
  • Connect with an academic community. If the area you coach people it has an educational component, you are lucky! Connecting with a whole group of students and new graduates entering your area of expertise means they will see you as an inspirational and authoritative figure. They will remember talking to you and how accessible you were to them and will look to establish some form of rapport with you.
  • Network. Networking is a great way to build connections in a social setting that can then translate into a mutually beneficial relationships. The more links you have, the more people will know you, and they will often see you as an authority.
  • Get on social media. Social media is a free form of advertising, and when you know how to use the various features of a given platform, you can build up your followers and create an online network of people who tune in whenever you post content. Apps like TikTok have become fertile ground for the business of self-help. Here, users can post summary videos with links to learn more. By not using social media, you’re missing out on so much for your business and severely hindering your chances to become an authority. If you need help with this – check my blog post on getting started with TikTok as a coach.
  • Ask clients for reviews and case studies. Positive online reviews will only grow your reputation and authority in your field. Having the confidence to ask clients for feedback is not easy. Still, if you are confident in your abilities and see any criticism as a path to improvement, you’ll only succeed further and increase your status as an authority. You can do this on Social channels such as LinkedIn and Google Reviews.

Have clear brand values, a mission, and a purpose.

As a coach and owner of your business, you are always steering the ship. If you don’t have a clear purpose, vision, or mission that guides everything you do, how could you expect to find success and be seen as authoritative? I wrote a blog about this here.

For your business to succeed and to be seen as an authority, the people around you should also know what you stand for, and clients will be attracted to you because of your values that align with them.

Be the hero figure to problems.

Establishing yourself as the authority in your area is like being a hero – you are the problem solver for people. Your messaging can show them their before and after and how you help transform a.nd solve problems.

Be confident in showing them why you are the solver of their problems and why you are the authority they need to turn to. Once convinced, they’ll never want to leave the safety you provide them.

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