4 simple ways to maximise your blog posts to increase website traffic

4 simple ways to maximise your blog posts to increase website traffic

You have finally sat down and written the long needed content for your website and now you need to maximise your blog post, cos you want the whole world to see it (obvs) – or, at least your target market and tons of potential new customers. In order to achieve your goal, you need to maximise your content and drive traffic.

Follow these steps and you’ll increase your website traffic in no time!

Make sure it’s easy to read

No-one wants to read a blog with poor spelling and grammar. They’re also unlikely to stick around if your blog has a strange format that makes it difficult to decipher. So, make sure all of your content is fun, engaging, and relevant to your target audience. Also make sure your blog and website is easy to read and navigate.

Consider your keywords

Keywords are essential to help you secure a high search engine ranking. Keywords tend to be one or two most searched for words that are relevant to your business. Choose your keywords wisely and make sure to use them in your blogs, and it can go a long way to maximising your content. WordPress has a variety plugins that you can use to track your keywords and make sure your SEO is spot on.

Create a consistent sharing strategy

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that people will just magically find your online content. In order to do it successfully, you need to share, share, share in the best possible way. Luckily, social media is a great tool for getting your blog content, and ultimately your website, out into the big wide world.

Make sure you’re using all the right platforms – share the content on Twitter and Facebook and consider using additional networking channels, such as Pinterest, which can be great for businesses if used well. Make sure you share all content thoroughly across your platforms.

Check out our guest blog over at Think Creative Collective on content sharing strategy

Get graphic

The power of images can’t be overstated. Our brains are programmed to retain far more information when it’s delivered in visual form rather than text, so make sure you use images both in your blogs and when you share on social media. A good graphic can encourage people to get reading.

Infographics are also a powerful marketing tool – they’re liked and shared on average 3x more than any other content on Twitter and Facebook. So, if you’re a graphic design wiz, or know someone who is, you could consider pairing infographics with your blog content. Check out our Content sharing checklist for more ideas on how to do this

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