7 marketing mistakes small businesses make and how to avoid them

7 marketing mistakes small businesses make and how to avoid them
Do you find yourself wondering why your marketing is not working – that people are not visiting your website, not clicking and not buying? Yes?  Then I can almost guarantee you might be making one (or all) of these 7 mistakes .. but the good news is, with a bit of planning it is easy to get your ducks in a row and correct them.

Mistake #1:  Not knowing your why.

This might seem strange but many people go into business and don’t really understand why – what their motivation is, what gets them up in the morning, and more importantly that this underpins you and your business.  Believe me this, is really really important, because if you don’t know your why and what makes you tick, no one else will. When you know your values and your why your authenticity will come shining through. Customers will understand you and your business and will want to buy from you!  You can check out our blog on our values here.

Mistake #2: Not knowing your audience.

I often ask new clients – who are your customers? Sometimes they say they don’t know. Sometimes they say everyone. Eek! For sure this is one thing that you have to know… and I mean REALLY REALLY know. Understanding who your ideal client is a fundamental aspect of marketing your business. By looking at your customer personas in detail you will know what makes them tick, and you will be able to formulate your marketing message and positioning more clearly,  and show how your product or service helps them. Winner! If you need help then you can check out our blog here on knowing your audience.   ….or here is one we prepared earlier and you can download our know your customers workbook here.

Mistake #3 Not knowing your USP.

This is the so what question? It’s a fact that in most, if not all business there are a tonne of other people offering the same service. BUT none of them are you – you are unique – whether you be unique on price, experience, service, speed etc you get the picture. And you need to know what your USP is. So what makes your product or service different from everyone else and how are you communicating this. You need to be able to describe the benefits your products and services will offer your customers (the SPECIFIC problems the product solves or SPECIFIC advantages it offers to the customer). How do you stand out and why should someone buy from you? What value are you offering to your customers? Want to work this out?  You can download a Business Vision template here

Mistake #4:  Not knowing your message.

Stories inspire emotion and emotion inspires action. A powerful story can stay with you for the rest of your life, just think about the books your read or the films you saw as a child – they probably still stick in your mind. Similarly, crafting an incredible brand story  and message that grabs attention can help increase your customer base, and encourage loyalty so that your brand can grow further and further. The importance of your messaging can’t be ignored – so is it time you started thinking about yours? Need to think about how you want to make your customer leave feeling and Want more help with this? Check out our Blog here.

Mistake #5 Not planning your customer journey.

This may seem a strange one, but you need to approach your business in the eyes of your customer – otherwise you wont be able to see where things, are maybe not as they should be – and confirm when things are right. Are you communicating with them when you said you would? Are you following up? Is your contact information easy to find? Now you might be thinking I don’t have time for this? And you would be right if you were having to remember all of this. Luckily technology is here to save the day and by implementing a good marketing automation strategy you can improve your customer experience dramatically. Check out our blog on Marketing Automation here . Want help implementing Marketing Automation in your business? Book a free 30 min consultation here?

Mistake #6: Not setting goals.

No seriously? ….how are you going to know if you are doing the right thing, if it is helping you and moving your business forward. Plus knowing your goals also ensure that you keep to a plan and you don’t go off. I find it really helps if I work on 90 day goals and then break them down into 2 week sprints and even so far as daily tasks. It really helps me set my own expectations and ensure I keep to my goals.. although admittedly blogging every week doesn’t seem to be going that well….Want help goal setting – check out our resource library and download our planning checklists.

Mistake #7 Me Me Me

One of the biggest mistake that biz owners make is that that they talk about themselves and not about the customer needs.  Please turn it around and make sure that you are talking about the benefit to your customers always, add value and help them achieve their goals.  If you want to really know what your customer wants to hear about then check out Ryan Levesque Ask Method which will totally change the way you communicate with your customers – because you guessed it – you asked them! If you need help avoiding these mistakes get in touch,  I’d love to chat

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