7 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing Now

Why you need to outsource your marketing now

Over the past few months, I’ve seen an increase in discussions around essentially the ‘waste of money’ that marketers and agencies are, and that you should do your own marketing. Now as a marketer but also a business owner let me tell you why I 100% disagree with that sentiment.  Here are 7 reasons why you need to outsource your marketing now.

  • The agency model might not be suitable for many SME. There are many great agencies out there and there are so many great freelancers and contractors out there. If COVID-19 has shown us anything it is that remote working from anywhere in the world is possible and so don’t limit your search to the more traditional models. Find the person or people that are right for you to grow your business.
  • Find yourself a T Shaped Marketer as your Marketing Director or Fractional CMO. Someone who has a lot of broad experience and specialism in 2 – 3 areas, and can direct and amend the whole plan, but can find you the specialist you need when you need them (easily because they work with them on an ongoing basis). I for one am T shaped with a specialism in Strategy, Social Media and Community. But I am also very well versed in email, marketing automation and many other things. But when I need something else (really in-depth for my clients) I get an expert in that on board.  Many of us also spend a lot of time (and money) continually improving our skills and ensuring that we keep up with the latest developments. That is why I am proudly a Digital Marketer Certified Partner. If you do anything when hiring, have a discussion on their process and beliefs around marketing. Ask them lots of questions. Anyone I know (in professional life – I do talk about other stuff too, I promise) will tell you that I talk about inbound and conversational marketing all the time. I might not be for everyone but you get a human/non-interruptive approach that I believe is what users want – and will ultimately drive results if you are answering the questions that your customers have.
  • Recognise that things do take time and there may not be a quick fix. The old adage of 7-11-4 still holds true. Prospects still need to see your content multiple times in multiple formats and in different locations eg YouTube, Facebook, Blog, Print. Just because digital media allows us to get to people in a more targeted way doesn’t mean that you can shortcut the structure of building trust in your brand. There is more competition than ever and there is still a customer value journey that you need to uphold and if you are not, that is probably why you are not getting the results that you want.

“Content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants.”

  • Content without a plan for traffic and activation is pointless. It is all very well developing lots of content, but unless you have a plan to distribute this with the appropriate CTA or next steps in the right place then it is pointless. In March 2019, over 4.4 million blog posts are published every day and In January 2020, there were 1,742,813,617 websites worldwide. It is an ongoing debate about quality v quantity but the adage is true that if you produce valuable content for your users/readers/clients then it will get found, Think about producing less content and making sure that it is distributed everywhere! Measure what is working and double down on this. Ask any marketer what the plan for activation is. ALWAYS.
  • You need a budget for content/lead generation and people. I can’t tell you how many people think that because they are paying for people resources to set, develop and drive the strategy and implementation, that this negates the need for an actual M & A budget – ie pay to get eyeballs on your stuff and in front of new people. Typically this would be up to 10% of revenue depending on the industry.
  • DIY is not the right approach for exceptional implementation. I know it is hard, but reverting to DIY after a bad experience is not the way to go. You don’t want to be wasting time and money that you could be spending on delivery and fee earning when you could have someone doing this for you. Additionally, you cannot and will never be as objective about your own work as someone else is ( and should be). As a marketer, I can tell you I have even seriously considered hiring someone to do my marketing for me.
  • The Customer Value Journey WILL drive your successful marketing efforts. It is about turning strangers into super-fans and it will also ensure that you keep your eye on the bigger picture – ie growing a sector of your business and not about vanity metrics. My advice is to go with an agency or marketer that talks about the process for growth and doubling your business and not one that talks about how many social media posts they will create for you a month.

I am on a mission to help 100 people double their businesses. If you need help assessing your current marketing needs take the digital readiness scorecard and get actionable insights to start implementing today.

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