Business is Good – with Kate Bagoy

10 years ago Kate Bagoy quit her soul-crushing job to start freelancing – and failed spectacularly. Now she travels the world & helps creative business owners take off faster than a toupee at a fan factory. If you’re good at what you do, but have no idea how to market or sell what you do, and you’re ready to transform your career into a lucrative business you can run from the beach, Kate is your lady. She helps you create a customised business plan, marketing plan and roadmap for starting your business, building your brand, replacing your salary, hitting 6-figures and reaching your goals faster. Even if you’ve never run a business before, even if you have no idea where to start… even if you’ve been trying for years and just haven’t been able to give up those golden handcuffs.

Kate says of herself “I’m basically a nerd and a high-school dropout with an MBA, a zest for life, a penchant for travel, an unbelievably stubborn streak and a passion for helping you create the life YOU love.” Check out her inspiring story of a modern business.

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