Company Values: what do you stand for?

Company Values: what do you stand for?

In this online world its easy to forget that businesses is still very much about what you stand for and what are your ethics. It seems its never been easier to start a business and you could potentially hide in behind the online world, but still I believe people by people and for me it seems more important that you make an informed choice about who you do business with. Think about your company values for a bit. Who do you know, Like and Trust?

And are you more likely to buy from them as a result? I am for sure.

Who do you buy from in your business life, in your personal life and why do you buy from them.

For instance I will always buy from John Lewis as I like how they (seem) to treat their staff but I wont ever have Sky in my house and nor will I buy from Sports Direct – even more so now I see recent news of how they treat their staff.

I’ve been thinking about this even more the past few weeks as we are building up to the referendum. Without being too political I think its safe to say that there are not too many people in the debate that I know, like and trust!

Anyway I digress.

So as a business how do you go about ensuring that people will know like and trust you?

Well frequent authentic, real communication is one way.

Consistency is another.. this builds trust and helps people understand that you are not going to just disappear.

And then you could just take the direct approach and just say what you stand for?

I was at a workshop recently and one of the tasks we had to do was think about what we stand for. It got me thinking about what I had written down when I first started this business a few years ago. And although the business has evolved these maxims have not.

  • I believe that a walk on the beach everyday is essential (I live by the sea.. I’m spoilt!)
  • I wish people would show a bit more understanding to others.
  • Life is better when you own a dog – they genuinely are excited by everything! ( maybe that is my dog only?)
  • Im trying to embrace  ‘Just give it a go – whats the worst that can happen’

With Fifty One Degrees, here are our company values…

  • You get professionalism with fun! – now that’s a winning combo right?
  • You get less bullshit & jargon 
  • We care about your business and helping you get great results (the kind we would want ourselves)
  • We will never suggest something that we wouldn’t do for our own business.
  • We wont try to force you into a one size fits all approach
  • We will deliver on time and to budget



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