Ever had an epiphany on the side of a mountain? Or better blog writing 101

Ever had an epiphany on the side of a mountain? Or better blog writing 101
Ok, so I’ve just spent the last few days at a retreat in Cinque Terre, Italy, learning how to write more, write more often – basically how to perfect the art of blog writing. (….is the jury still out!?)
To be honest, at first it was kind of an excuse to go away for a few days and see parts of the world I had never seen before (which, by the way, was totally beautiful, inspiring and I met some truly amazing people whilst there). I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a mental block when writing. I add it to my to do list for the week (it’s important to have regular content for SEO and just ‘getting out there’) but I just don’t seem to do it.

I’ve tried numerous things:

  • Get someone else to write for me (but it’s never quite right)
  • Write a load of blogs all in one go
  • Ignore  it altogether, no one will notice (not the best idea to be honest).
Anyway, one of the things that Laura Belgray aka Talking Shrimp said throughout the few days was to ‘just write’ and the more you write, the more you will want to write and will be inspired to write. It then becomes a habit I think. If you are blocked as to what to write, then just start writing on a different topic and it will come.  Write on anything – a memory from childhood, your previous day’s journal, somewhere you have been,  a mini script for your favourite TV show…(btw, any crap American teen drama is a guilty pleasure… and yes I know I am too old!) So, there I was, sat on a hillside with nothing to do for an hour and for the first time ever I thought “I know, I’ll write a blog” (this blog actually). It was like an epiphany. I actually wanted to write and since then, I’ve spent the last few days writing,  sometimes creative writing and sometimes crafting tagline, emails and blog titles. To be honest it’s been a struggle at times, but this time around – I actually wanted to write, and not because I had to, not because I hadn’t done so for weeks, but because I actually wanted to.  YEAH! It’s working!

So, after 3 days of writing every day,  here are my top tips for blog writing & how to write more often – even if you really don’t want to.

1) Just write…

Set aside 15 minutes a day and , if you don’t know what to write about for your business or blog, write on any topic. I can honestly say the inspiration will come to you pretty quickly. Try a site like 750words.com and that way you commit to a certain amount of writing daily and it will remind you!

2) Be free from distractions.

There was no internet at the workshop location which is the best thing ever, because you can’t get  distracted by your emails or dog videos on Facebook! If needed, switch off all distractions using an app, like Offtime, to turn off your phone and browser or look at chrome extensions like, Stay Focussed whilst you write.

3) Don’t seek perfection – seek consistency.

Ok, you want the blog to be good and to resonate with your readers but you also don’t want perfection paralysis.

4) Check out some pretty useful resources.

Use the resources for inspiration as to what your audience might be interested in, this is a site that I am, quite frankly, obsessed with http://answerthepublic.com/

5) And finally, your story.

if you are still having no luck then think about something amazing you have done or something no one knows about you and write about it. There is always a lesson or something your audience can relate to, and above all else it shows you’re human and interesting, and it will set you apart from faceless corporations. If you need more tips about what to write then check out this blog post for more inspiration >>>>>
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