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Experienced, honest digital marketing to help your business grow.

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You are smart & driven and you feel like you should be able to figure out marketing on your own, but you feel like you have been stuck and stagnant and still not making enough sales.

There are many ways to work with me, but if you don’t know what will suit you best, try out my whats your marketing personality quiz. This will assess your current digital marketing capabilities on 4 core baseline areas, and give you personalised recommendations of what you can work on now, as well as how best we can work together.


Book an online business audit & fix the gaps in your marketing!

My 60-minute online audit session will guide you through finding the holes in your current marketing strategy (and the blind spots you have for them) and create a comprehensive, effective digital marketing plan.

How to work with me

Online Marketing Audit

Repurpose Blueprint Course

Hire A Freelance Marketing Director

Marketing Power Hour

Try my 120 days plan, create, grow method. A proven formula to accelerate your growth

You started your business because you have great talent, a passion for something, or you have developed a skill that people are prepared to pay you money for. How do you now make it grow? I’m here to guide you. Not only will we plan your activity, but we will also work on your mindset, consistency and implementing your first campaign. 


PLANNING eg Audit, review baseline content, setting up pixels, messaging, baseline metrics, before & after messaging, customer profiles, content funnel map overview.


Create + build lead magnate funnel, traffic plan, build any new assets, social media audit, implement new social media strategy, keyword planning, technical SEO (backlinks etc) content planning for SEO


GROW implement traffic plan, amend, tweak and review. create additional supporting content for traffic and for content pillars. content repurposing process begins. DO IT ONCE approach.


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