How and Why to Systemise Your Marketing

How and Why to Systemise Your Marketing

Marketing is undeniably important. However, it can also be very time consuming and can take up so much of your focus that it’s easy to neglect some other crucial aspects of the business. Here, we’re going to look at how you can systemize your marketing process, to find a pre-made system that makes it much easier to manage so you think about it less often.

Learning the customer journey

The more you learn about marketing, the more you start to realise that it all follows a pattern. If you’ve read about the customer journey, then you may recognize that pattern. When you recognize that pattern, then you begin to learn how to appeal to customers in different steps of the journey.

Creating content to match the pattern

Once you know the different steps of the customer journey, consider what barriers remain and what steps are needed to help them to the next step of the journey. Create content that’s based on that step of the journey. For instance, for customers at the engagement step of the journey, then entertaining and attention-catching pieces can encourage a want to engage even further. Meanwhile, if they’re at the conversion stage, that’s the perfect time to deliver the value and benefits of the product/service to close.

Scheduling your content

Rather than developing and delivering this content whenever you think it will work best, you can systemise it so that you know exactly when you should be tackling potential customers at one step of the journey or another. You should assign one full cycle/one full customer’s value journey to each quarter. Then, break that quarter up into months, figuring out when you should be planning, writing, and publishing each piece of marketing content, making sure that you’re reaching a wide enough diversity of platforms, too.

Tracking and acting on your customers’ progress

For customers that have signed up to your website or mailing list, you should be tracking their individual progress as you work to convert them, as well. Since you’re marketing to them more directly, you should also be trying a more bespoke angle. As such, you should fit your current leads into the schedule. If you have customers that are at the “convert” step, then make sure you fire an email their way when your each the “convert” step of your marketing plan and have new content for them to engage with.

Look back and analyse

Once you’ve run through the cycle at least a couple of times, you should look to see how successful your marketing plan is at different stages throughout. There may be some fine tuning, some schedule rearranging to be done.

Get started with a spreadsheet of planning

When you’re able to map the customer value journey to a schedule, you’re able to systemise marketing so you know exactly what you should be doing through every quarter and every month. 

You can download a spreadsheet of planning here to nail your marketing efforts down, freeing up your time to work on other parts of the business that can offer real value.

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