How I doubled my Pinterest traffic in 4 weeks, and why it is so important for your web traffic

How I doubled my Pinterest traffic in 4 weeks, and why it is so important for your web traffic

I will be honest there are times when I am a bit lazy when it comes to Pinterest.  I mean like anyone I take a look when I am after new shoes, inspiration for a bit of decorating or just to check out one of my faves – recipes!  But do not underestimate Pinterest for B2B either. 

I have been conducting a bit of an experiment through August and the result is a near 1000% increase in impressions and a 530 % increase in total audience.  

The stats speak for themselves. 

Pinterest for increasing web traffic
Overall pinterest stats 1 - 31 August 2019
Pins specific to own blog content 1 - 31 August 2019

Not only did the impressions, total engagement and audience increase on Pinterest but the affect on my website traffic has also been interesting, with the following results. 

In addition overall monthly unique views doubled to 10.6k. Great for brand awareness too.

So if you have been mindlessly pinning or thinking that Pinterest is just for Recipes, Weddings, Flowers and Hairstyles? Well, think again my friend. 

Instead I challenge you to view Pinterest as GREAT traffic driver for your website, and actually instead of it being lumped in with other Social Sites,  Instead think about Pinterest as a  search engine. 

So if you are after a but of inspiration here are some tips for improving your pinning strategy

  1. Ensure you create specific graphics that are the size the network provides. This is true of all networks, and I know we all get lazy but this has been hands down the best thing I did with Pinterest this month. If you need up to date reference points check here >>>
  2.  Consistently Pin every day – your own content and other people content. Even 15 mins per day is good. 
  3. Refresh any images on pins that you pinned a while ago.  One post with a refreshed pin is now the 2nd most viewed blog on my website – just with a refreshed pin! 
  4. Ensure that you have large cross section on boards that cover a range of interests related to you and our business – it doesn’t all have to be about work .  For instance one of my boards is about office dogs – If you know anything about me, you will not be surprised! 
  5. Make sure that you have a board that exclusively shows your own content.  Of course you can pin it in other places but make it easy for followers to find your content amongst all your pins. As you can see from the above stats the increases on my board has been spectacular as well.
Give these tips a try, and see the affect that it has on your web traffic. And if you have enjoyed this then why not head on on over and give me a follow on Pinterest!
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