How to Choose Blog Topics That Attract Your Ideal Clients

Growing a blog today is a serious business issue. If you want to gain genuine traction online, it’s vital to provide your audience with engaging material that communicates with them on a deep level. If you can pull it off, you can get mountains of traffic to your site (along with plenty of selling opportunities). If you can’t, then its time and money down the drain.

How To Think About Broad Topics That Will Grow Your Brand

Developing a quality business blog is a little more nuanced than a regular, themed blog. The reason has to do with why you’re creating it in the first place. 

Take a generic travel blog, for instance. Its purpose is to get as many eyeballs in front of third-party advertisements as possible. In general, the more engaging the photography and content, the more likely it is to drum up revenue for the blogger.

The purpose of a business blog, however, is a little different. While you want to encourage people to visit your site, you also want to make sure that you’re appealing to the right kind of people with your content. Creating content related to your products is essential, but the content should be directed at the segment of your audience likely to convert. 

A good strategy is to offer advice-based topics. A car mechanic, for instance, might target customers wanting to know how to resolve various noises created by their vehicles. Likewise, an accountant might prioritize blogs on how to file accounts and so on, making sure that they’re addressing some key audience concerns. 

Tools That Help You Plan Headlines 

Creating great headlines for a blog is a challenge. You want to communicate the content and value of a post while at the same time, providing insight into what it contains. 

Here are some of the tools that you can use to enhance your headline creation and grab customer attention: 

  • Coscheudle Headline Analyzer. I Love this tool and it is easy to work out the best headlines. be warned though – it is addictive.
  • Charcounter. A simple tool that allows you to count characters and words in your headline for SEO purposes.
  • BlogAbout. You tell the tool the topic of your post, and I’ll provide you with a headline template. All you then need to do is fill it in. 
  • Hubspot Blog Topic Generator. Sometimes you need a little inspiration for topics to fill your blog. Hubstop’s Blog Topic Generator provides a week’s worth of headlines after you provide it with three keywords or themes. 
  • Answer The Public: Find out what questions and queries your consumers have by getting a free report of what they’re searching for in Google.

Consider Your Audience In-Depth

When you write a business blog, you’re trying to appeal to a particular type of person: one who wants to buy your products. 

For this reason, most companies do content planning to target user intent. 

Consider your audience in-depth. What kind of searches might they make if they are interested in buying your products? And what type of person are they likely to be?

Once you have these two essential pieces of information, you can begin to construct a blog with relevant posts that each add value. Ideally, every entry should be an accessory that helps you push your prospects close to a sale. 

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