How to Get More Twitter Followers

How to Get More Twitter Followers

Ah, Twitter – the world’s favourite micro-blogging platform. It’s a great tool for businesses to engage their audience. But how, exactly, do you do it right?

Here are our top tips for how to get more twitter followers by boosting your profile…

1. Know the lingo

Before you do anything, make sure you know all the terminology commonly used on Twitter. Learning your hashtags from your mentions and your likes from your retweets is the only way to start.

2. Optimise your bio

Your bio is a short and sweet line on your Twitter profile. Most people will read this and then decide whether they want to follow you, so make sure you get your brand message across. Check out ours here

3. Hashtags

While hashtags can now be found on other sites, like Facebook and Instagram, they originate from Twitter. They’re one of the sites main functions to increase the visibility of your content, so make sure you use them. You can hashtag words relevant to your business, jump on trending topics, and even take part in things like #FollowFriday, which are a great way to network with other business’ #success. You can check out the best hashtags for your business and sector with a free tool like Hashtagify

4. Be original

Originality is key on all social media sites. While retweeting is a great tool, make sure you’re posting original content, too.

5. Promote on your website

Linking to your Twitter profile on your website is a great way to attract new followers. Make sure it takes pride of place on your website, and include links at the bottom of blog posts.

6. @ @ @

Twitter is fast becoming the go-to social media platform for quick customer service. In order to boost followers, make sure you interact with them. Don’t just respond to your mentions, find relevant hashtags and send people a friendly message. If they like what they read, you’ll probably gain a new follower instantly.

7. Perfect your tone

Twitter isn’t the place for ultra-formal posts. Make sure your tone suits your business, but it should always err on the side of friendly and informal.

8. Follow back

When you’re lucky enough to get a new follower, don’t just do a little victory dance and then forget about it. Follow them back, and maybe even send them a quick message to say thanks.

9. Always respond

Likewise if someone shoots you a message, be responsive. Engagement is the key to finding and keeping followers.

10. Tweet your blogs

Link to content from your website. Not only is this a great way to generate traffic to your blog, it also shows you’re putting out regular content that’s worth a read.  Just like we do. In fact we have a hole sharing strategy around blogs. Check it out here

11. Share video

Videos are big news on social media. Whether you’re linking to a how-to, a vlog, or a promotional vid, sharing video is a sure-fire way to boost your profile and gain those followers.

12. Share images

Much the same as video, users find imagers far more engaging than the written word these days. Make sure you include images wherever and whenever they fit.

13. Keep on top of current affairs

Forget TV, Twitter is where people go for breaking news now. Because of this, tweeting about current affairs is a great way to get your profile out there. I mean where else can you get the latest on @POTUS as it happens 

14. Post shareable facts

People love bitesize chunks of info, and Twitter is the number one place to go to find just that. By posting short and sweet facts that people can share with their friends, you’ll be sure to see your followers increase.

15. Keep track

Social media involves a fair amount of monitoring. If you understand the kind of Tweets that perform best for your business, you can share similar things and your profile will continue to grow.

16. Run competitions

If you run a competition for a free product, people are bound to follow you for a chance to win. Make sure your competition isn’t over complicated, and make sure the prize is worth winning! There are a lot of different tools that you can use to manage your competitions. We like Rafflecopter.

17. Be active…

It’s no good posting once a day and then just forgetting about it. Twitter is the perfect platform to engage and interact, so make sure you check it throughout the day – you never know when a breaking news story will strike that you can be the first to comment on.

18. …But don’t spam

On the other hand, you should never ‘rapid tweet’. Sending out too many tweets in one day will just annoy your new followers. Two or three new tweets a day is often fine.

19. Offer deals

You can easily offer your Twitter followers great deals and incentives for sticking around. This is a great way to entice new followers and retain existing ones.

20. Don’t be ‘me, me, me’

Social media is a discovery channel – not a sales one. While it’s there to promote your brand, you should never be pushy about it. You can tweet links to your products every once in a while, but make sure your whole feed isn’t an advert for what you do. In fact the best social media is 80% other people’s content and 20% about you.


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