How to Get Over Your Fear of Social Media

How to Get Over Your Fear of Social Media
While it can be the biggest and best tool when it comes to adding some much-needed growth to a business, social media can often be feared.   Let us start by saying that while social media can sometimes be a tricky ground to navigate, it is one of the most important things at your companies disposal. Now is the time to stop standing on the sidelines and let social media into your company’s life. Today we are going to look at why social media is so crucial for business growth.   It’s Cost-Effective   As social media networks become smarter and add a constant array of algorithms that cleverly filter what we do and don’t see, organic content may get lost in the crowd.    This is where social media has an amazing low-cost advertising feature. This feature not only promotes your business, but it also allows for targeted advertising. Advertising like this allows your company to hit specific demographics and promote your business to the right audience.   Its Users Are Active   If there is one thing we know about social media; its users are incredibly active. There are over 7 billion users across all social media platforms, and the majority of users visit a form of social media at least once per day.   It is thought that in the United States alone, users check their social media accounts around 15 times per day. In comparison to people who visit a store, this generally only happens once per week. So imagine the impact your campaign can have if it’s viewed 17 times per day.   It’s Popular   You don’t need to be an expert nowadays to know just how popular social media is. According to research, 69% of American adults are social media users, so you can pretty much guarantee that your potential customers are using it.   Whether you are a small or large business, Facebook is one of the best marketing starting points that you can use. Facebook has an incredible reach and intelligent algorithms, most companies can benefit from having a presence on facebook.   It Encourages Communication   Social media is a brilliant tool that enables you to learn lots about your audience, their interests and you can also use it to collect feedback.   It can be a great tool should you interact with your customers and get to know them better. Doing this makes your business more personable and gives your customers a more profound comfort. You can now also offer a chat service online, which can save you a considerable amount of time on the phones.   Facebook also offers the opportunity to create your own chatbot system using the Messenger service. A chatbot can still collect valuable customer feedback at the same time as saving you a ton of time.   As you can see, social media is there and not to be feared. Social media has many capabilities when it comes to helping your business grow. Now is the time to face your fears, stop sitting on the sidelines and start using it to your advantage.  
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