Marketing Isn’t A Buzzword.
It’s A Business Model.

Small Business Marketing Coach

You walk into the cafe where you’re meeting a friend. A new friend, you’ve only met once before. You’ve barely sat down at the table when they invite you to dinner. With the parents. And to be the guest of honour. At her brother’s wedding.

You want to run. It’s way too intense.

So many people market exactly like this.

Forget B2B and B2C. Every time you market your business, you’re interacting with another person. An actual human. An individual who doesn’t know how much they need you. Yet.

Marketing is a conversation that can make or break your business.

If you listen, engage and take your time, you build trust.

And when you earn your people’s trust, you earn their money.

The era of conversational marketing is here. Don’t get left behind.

Marketing Coaching Will Transform Your Business From Silently Struggling To Buzzing With Buyers.

What You Get:

Monthly group coaching calls to keep you on track and answer any questions to keep you moving forward.

Quarterly one on one Coaching calls to set your goals for the quarter

Specialist workshops in the key areas of effective, holistic marketing that works

Personalised support, feedback, and troubleshooting as you implement your new marketing business model

Weekly tasks and actions to help you apply the theory to your business

Access to a library of social media tools to support your online marketing activities

Planning templates to help you map out your future marketing activities

Marketing Mentor
Business Marketing Coach

How We Do it:

1. The Marketing Plan To Profit

We complete a thorough audit of your current business and map out your short term and long term goals and create a fully customised marketing business plan.

2. Activate Your Customer Psychic Abilities

You’ll learn how to read your customers’ minds as we develop customer profiles for your offerings. These profiles help you understand your customers inside out. You’ll know what they need, why they need it, and you’ll be able to develop marketing messages they’ll respond to.

3. Perfect Your Positioning For Success

We’ll research your market to discover where you’re placed amongst the alternative offerings available. We’ll start to pivot your positioning, so you’re seen as the business and brand of your dreams.

4. Become A Communication Wizard

We’ll create, write + produce messages that your target market will respond to. We’ll look at the best platforms to deliver these messages to your people, so your message will be received effectively.

5. Your Marketing Arsenal

We look at all the systems, software, structures, and tools available to help you hit your marketing goals and we’ll choose the right ones for your business.

6. The Social Media Master

No longer will social media suck the time out of your day. We’ll show you how to choose the right platforms to reach your audience, and how to get measurable results from your social media activities.

7. The Content Calendar King + Queen

Your content calendar is your business’s new best friend. Here, you’ll find all marketing activities laid out with easy to follow instructions for effective implementation.

8. The Proof Is In The Numbers.

Marketing Isn’t Something You Tick Off Your To-Do List. It’s Your New Business Model.

Measuring your marketing campaigns is the key to continual growth and success. We’ll show you how to measure your efforts and how to adapt your plans to get the results you want. The numbers never lie. We’ll show you how to get the right ones.

Long Story Short:

A complete marketing strategy to help you hit your business growth goals.

A schedule of bite-sized tasks to put your marketing strategy into practice.

A list of key measures to track the success of your marketing efforts.