Your Digtal Marketing Shouldn’t Be As Mindless As Scrolling Through Facebook On Your Lunch Break Waiting For Your Chicken Sandwich.

You post an image on Instagram. You get a few likes. But that doesn’t contribute to your profits.

You share a blog post on Facebook. You get a few comments. But it doesn’t help you close the deal on a new client.

You get a notification that someone subscribed to the YouTube Channel you forgot you had. And that channel has a single video of your cat on it. Cute. But not great for business.

You haven’t updated your website in months and you are as confused as ever about SSL certificates, SEO and goodness knows what else.

With your Digital Marketing everything needs to have a reason. And a direct link back to your business goals.

If you’ve been posting aimlessly trying to keep your social media up to date. Just because.

Just. Stop.

Social media for the sake of social media is a complete waste of your time.

Get digital Marketing Smart.
Get A digital Marketing Audit.

What You Get:

A Comprehensive Audit and subsequent plan of action

I’ll analyse your site looking at Keywords, Analytics, SEO factors, competitive landscape and make recommendations as to how you you can make improvements – fast!

A Comprehensive List Of All Your Existing Social Media Profiles.

This is a complete review of every social media profile you have, not just the big four (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). Did you create a Tumblr five years ago that you forgot about? Is there an old YouTube channel floating around with 15 subscribers?

I’ll find them all.

Your Site’s Most Shared Content.

I’ll take a look at your blogs and identify which ones have been shared the most on social media, giving you a clear indication of topics that resonate with your people.

Branding Audit

I’ll ensure every platform is cohesive with your visual branding and give you tips to seamlessly create a brand story across all platforms.

Social Media Should Be Contributing To Your Bottom Line. Get Your Strategy Right Today.