Marketing Blueprint VIP

Want to finally nail your marketing? and grow your business?

You have spent hours googling “how to write a marketing plan’ you have jumped from Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook (and back again) and still your not making progress. Nothing seems to work! And you still dont know what to do.

You know you need to write your ideal client persona (cos everyone keeps telling you so) but you don’t know how.

But most importantly you want to market your business on your terms, in a totally non-icky way that feels right to you and doesn’t involve you pretending you own a Ferrari and that everything is awesome all the time.

Sound Familiar?

You need the Marketing Blueprint Intensive.

Over 2 x 3 hour sessions in a small group setting you will get expert guidance on how to build a marketing plan that works and will grow your business.

You just need to START!

I would love you to join me.

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