Forget The Smoke And Mirrors. We’re Going Back To Basics.

Do Less. Make More. Magnify Your Marketing*

This 8 week marketing course strips back all the marketing buzzwords and jargon to help you create + implement a simple, structured marketing plan to suit your business.

*Steak Knives Not Included. Or Needed.

If you build a house without a comprehensive plan, doors hit walls. There’s a drawer that doesn’t open. And there’s a slant in the main bedroom which means you’ve got to use an old piece of cardboard to keep your wardrobe from tipping. Everything kind of works. But overall? It’s a mess.

That’s where you’re at with your marketing. You’ve worked on individual bits and pieces, but when you step back and look at the whole, it just doesn’t work. And your bank account backs that up.

You need a plan. And that takes time. 8 weeks to build a solid marketing foundation.

Plan It. Work It. Cash It In.

Join The Magnify Your Marketing Group Coaching Program.

What You Get:

8 weekly coaching sessions.

These sessions are where the magic happens. Not only will you receive support + feedback to overcome any hurdles, you’ll get 1:1 live laser coaching to keep moving along the marketing map to the gold.  Specialist modules delivered over the 8 weeks to help you magnify your marketing and get real lasting results.

Recordings of all live coaching calls and modules.

If you miss a call, I’ve got you. If you want to relearn a module, I’ve got you.

A member’s community to connect with like-minded business owners, network, and celebrate your successes with your new entrepreneur crew.

Inside this community I’ll be hosting group challenges for accountability, motivation and fun!

Feedback on your messaging, branding and campaigns.

My expert eyes all over your business + marketing plans. I’ll be reviewing, offering feedback, and helping you turn your marketing to expert status level.

Weekly tasks and actions to help you apply the theory to your business.

There’s no point learning how to market without actually applying it to your business. Every week I’ll give you real life business tasks to help you implement your marketing and start getting results from week 1.

Access to a library of social media tools to support your online marketing activities.

Social media is bursting with potential and I’ve got just the tools to help you navigate the breath of it all without losing your mind.

Planning templates to help you map out your future marketing activities.

Because this is really only the beginning to a lifelong love affair with marketing. Leave our time together feeling confident, inspired and supported as you continue to grow your business with holistic marketing

How We Do it:

Long story Short:

In 3 months you get

Do Less. Make More. Magnify Your Marketing.

Pay in Full

£ 499 +VAT
  • bonus 30 min 1 - 1 session
  • Bonus self paced training session
  • Weekly coaching session
  • facebook community for ongoing support
  • direct feedback in ask me anything session

3 Easy Payment

£ 185 + VAT per month
  • weekly coaching sessions
  • facebook community for ongoing support
  • direct feedback in ask me anything sessions

Your Questions, Answered:

How is the program delivered?

We’ll use emails, Zoom, and a private Facebook Group.

 What if I miss a session?

If you can’t make it to one of the live coaching sessions, simply submit your questions and I’ll answer them on the call. All coaching sessions will be recorded and sent out to you immediately after the session finishes.

Is this a self study course?

This isn’t a self-study course where you’re given an order number and left to figure it out. This is an expert led coaching program and I’m here to help you put what you learn into practice. You’ll get as much time and attention from me as you need.

Why is this a better option than self study? I’m busy!

If you’re as busy as I know you are, self-study isn’t an option. It’s way more time consuming than following an expert-led programme. Remember, as a business owner, your time isn’t free. It’s the most valuable thing you own. Invest it wisely. The return on investment from working directly with an expert is exponentially greater than any self-study course.

I’ve got 50 million marketing activities on my to do list. I don’t want to add anymore!

This course isn’t about adding more marketing to your plate. It’s about taking a holistic, considered approach and starting small but mighty. We’re going to strip your marketing back, so you do less marketing, but in a really effective way. Then we start to add more as your business grows.

This isn’t about throwing marketing at the wall and seeing if it sticks. It’s about focussed, specific efforts and actions that are aligned with your business to get results.

Why shouldn’t I just hire a marketing consultant to do it all for me?

Marketing isn’t just an activity. It’s a business model. And you can’t outsource your entire business.

It’s about learning how to integrate your marketing into your daily business activities. When you hand marketing off to someone else you’re breaking off the most important part of your business and checking out.

The business starts to fall through the cracks, things break, but you don’t know how to fix it because you didn’t create a sustainable business model that incorporates holistic marketing.

Running a business feels lonely. Will I be able to interact with others in the group?

Absolutely you will! Connect with like-minded business owners, network, and celebrate your successes with your new entrepreneur crew.

Is there a refund policy?

This course is non-refundable. From the moment you sign up, you’ve signed a commitment to your business. To show up and grow it. From the moment you sign up, I’ve signed a commitment to you. To be there for you as you show up and grow your business. The time, energy + support that goes into running a program like this isn’t refundable so please shop mindfully.

Do Less. Make More. Magnify Your Marketing Sign Up Now.