Marketing Blueprint

Are Your People Wandering Off Down The Wrong Path? No Matter How Hard You Try And Sell, They Disappear.

Your sales method is scaring them off.

Because you’ve forgotten one important detail.

Behind every interaction leading up to a sale is an actual human being. With intricate wants and needs. And a brain that’s working overtime assessing, analysing, and deciding whether they want to spend their hard earned money on your business.

There’s a defined pathway from attention to a sale. They click on your homepage. But you’re losing them somewhere before they buy.

The Customer Journey Audit will get you clear on any weak points or missing steps in your marketing.  And keep your customers coming back for more.

It’s Time To Take Your People On A Journey To Falling Head Over Heels In Love With Your Business.

What You Get:

A detailed assessment session. This can be done remotely via Zoom or face-to-face within England. I’m more than happy to travel to you* 

A completely customised roadmap of your current customer value journey. I’ll diagnose the problem areas and find the gaps that are slowing your business growth.

A new and improved Customer Value Journey Map and updated marketing strategy with an easy to follow action plan so you can implement your new customer value journey effortlessly.

*travel expenses may be payable but I wont go first class don’t worry

Your Next Steps:

Get Your People Out Of The Woods And Onto A Clear Path Straight To Sales.