Six Business Lessons from 3 Years in Biz

Six Business Lessons from 3 Years in Biz

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently, life, Biz and a small vacation caught up with me, but last week LinkedIn kindly reminded me that I had been self employed for 3 years (and I have learnt a lot of business lessons along the way).

As a result of the reminder I published a LinkedIn post that was really just some super quick thoughts as to what I had learnt in the last 3 years. I got a lot of feedback and positive comments on that and it inspired me to update further in a more complete blog post.

Firstly I couldn’t believe that it had gone so quickly and that in those 3 years the business I started with has evolved into something else that I love and I can see has a bright future.

Here is six business lessons from 3 years in biz:

1) There are some amazing people out there trying to build a life for themselves outside of the normal 9 – 5.

You are not alone – if you don’t know any then find them online, and they will support you 110% or just send me an email and I will support you! PROMISE

2) There are many people out there who want you to succeed and help – and there are many that are won’t.

Don’t stress it – move on! Honestly this has been the hardest thing for me to do but really once you get your head right on this you are golden.

3) If you want a day off, take one – there will be times when you can’t.

I say this but I recently went away for a few weeks on a biz trip/holiday and it was the first time in 3 years that i did not open my laptop for 5 days. Don’t wait that long!

4) Stay flexible – things change – you change.

Embrace it and adapt. This is 100% one of the best things to remember. I work in 90 day cycles with 2 week sprints and the beauty of this is that you can see very quickly what is working, what you are putting off (and why) and change and adapt.

5) Believe in yourself.

So many people suffer from imposter syndrome and it is the worst of killing your motivation and and your progress. Don’t do it. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

6) Keep going!

There are so many times that I have almost given up and gone and got a ‘proper job’ but honestly the best thing about working in sprints is that you can see what is working and you get a boost from your progress. So you can keep going!

The approach I now have to my business and the changes that I have been able to make over the the last 3 years are 100% to do with the coaching program I enrolled on in late 2015 with Todd Herman. Todd is a coach to performance athletes and now advises business and entrepreneurs on how to approach performance and goal setting in your business.  He has some great free content out there right now that will help you shape your goals for 2017.

If you are at all thinking that you have some big goals to achieve in 2017 then I urge you to take a look at this free video series.

Ive also been thinking about what 2017 might hold for me and I have lots of exciting plans underway – ones that will grow my biz but will also help others with their business along the way as well.

Here is to a great 2017

Caroline x

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