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Connecting Your Brand To Modern Audiences In A Modern Way

Is your business screaming out for a revamped approach to its digital marketing strategies through the support of a social media marketing consultant? If so, you are not alone. We can help you connect with an experienced, professional, and effective social media consultant today!

In turn, this can completely transform your approach to engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and other significant platforms. A brighter business future starts here.

why social media marketing?

Around 3.5 billion people now use social media in an active capacity. Crucially, 95% of younger audiences admit that social media is their preferred way to follow a brand.

As such, they are more likely to pay attention to social media posts than emails, magazine ads, and other traditional marketing strategies. If you’re not on those platforms, then, you will lose out on a large number of sales.

Embracing the help of a social media advisor is now a matter of necessity, but it brings many additional benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Save money as creating pages and adding content is free while even paid content is far more cost-effective than many of the alternatives.
  • Social media posts can be targeted to specific audiences based on age, location, gender, or personal tastes and habits.
  • Social media marketing hits desktop users, mobile users, App users, and virtually any other consumer that may want to visit your local store or website.

The fact that virtually all of the most successful businesses use social media as a central feature of their strategies underlines the need to pay attention. Our social media consultant services are the solution.

What’s Included In A Social Media Consultancy Package?

Most businesses are capable of handling the very basic social media strategies. However, only a professional touch can unlock the full potential of those various platforms. Our consultancy packages cover every angle to ensure that you gain the comprehensive results that your company deserves.

Social media marketing consultant services will cover all of the following aspects:

  • A full social media audit on current marketing strategies.
  • Market research into your audience as well as competitors.
  • Profile and page building, including scaling images to the right dimensions.
  • Creating quality content that can also be used on your site (such as blogs).
  • Producing engaging content that encourages new users to interact with the brand.
  • Scheduling posts for maximum visibility and engagement.
  • Building multi-channel social media strategies across Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.
  • Analysis to understand which content is producing hot leads.

A comprehensive social media plan can truly bring your business into the modern era, resulting in greater awareness and an increased level of trust from customers old and new

why choose ME?

When selecting a social media specialist to transform your business for the better, it’s vital that you find a trustworthy service.

We boast years of experience in this field and continue to develop our understanding of the latest trends to ensure that you receive the very best results for sustainable profits. Our experts take great pride in supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes across Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, London, and Greater London..

Whether you know what’s required or need a social media marketing consultant to discuss the possibilities for your brand, our advisory services are just for you.