Social Media Tips: 12 days to success

Social Media Tips: 12 days to success

Welcome to the#12daysofchristmas or as we prefer to say 12 days social media success.

Starting today and for the next 12 days we will update this blog post with our 12 social media tips to social media success.


You are constantly told that you need to embrace social media as part of your marketing strategy but do you know why? There is no point just ‘doing’ social media, it needs to be an integral part of your marketing effort but it should not be your only marketing. Think of it as a way to get your message out to more people. It’s a channel, a journey to finding your peeps but not the route itself. You marketing is your blog, your brochure. your podcast, your book, your direct mail, your email, but social media is how to get it out there. @wearesocial 2016 digital snapshot report published in April shows that there are globally 2.34bn active social media users so if you dont have a clear plan you are missing out on a lot of potential clients. ⠀


Day 2 of #12daysofchristmas and #12daysofsocial and we are talking do you know your #audience and #idealclient its so important to know this for many many reasons. What do they like? who are they? what makes them tick?

Any smart company knows that in this digital age, now more than ever you have to be absolutely clear who your ideal customer is.
Most businesses will have many ideal client personas (I have 3 main targets for the different aspects of my business)

Read our blog here on knowing your audience and If you want to map out who your ideal customer is download our persona worksheet here.


Day 3 of #12daysofchristmasand #12daysofsocial and it is choose your social platforms. Yesterday we figured out who our ideal audience or client is and today we are thinking about which social platforms you should consider. Not all platforms are equal and its by knowing your audeince that you can figure out which platforms you need to be focussing on. For instance If you have an audience of 35+ then snapchat may not be for you. ⠀ ⠀
You also don’t need to be looking at every single social media platform #smw16 have a great article on this to check out.


Day 4 of #12daysofchristmas and #12daysofsocial and we move onto #branding and #optimising your profiles.

Things to think about are do you have the same logos, imagery and colours on all your profiles. Is it clear to your audience that it is your profile when they switch from @Instagram to @twitter say? Have you optimised your profile description so it is really clear as to who you you are, what you do and what the profile offers?

Ideally you would have the same profile name or handle on each platform but this is not always possible.


Day 5 of #12daysofchristmas #12daysofsocial and we are onto planning. Great social media and results don’t come from throwing it all together at the last minute. Planning it out is so important. What are the goals of your social media. Is it to get sales, is it for branding is it just to share pictures of your dog – check out my personal profile at @cs1210 and that is pretty much all i do. Think about what what the CTA on each of your posts is and check out and plan the #hashtags that you want to use to grow your relevant audience – remember day 2? Check out our blog post on some tools that can help you plan your content 


So we are onto Day 6 of #12daysofchristmas #12daysofsocial and this time we are talking content.

First you need to think about #contentcreation and #contentcuration remember social media is not just about selling your goods and services but providing value, inspiration, humour or eduction to your followers. it again comes back to who is your audience and what is your brand. So for example my content is about educating, inspiring and supporting fellow #bizowners but also showing great inspiring fresh images.. with the odd cute animal thrown in – honestly check out facebook account and you will see #randomcuteanimal pops up once per week.

You also want to create content that gets some interaction and questions.

So ask me your questions about content?


Day 7 of #12daysofchristmas #12daysofsocial and today we are looking at #timing. So you have planned out your content. you know who your audience are and you know what platforms you are using but when should you be sharing and how often. There is lots of info on this but @coshedule has a great blog about this, not to mention a pretty awesome scheduling tool that we will be covering in a few days time.


Day 8 brings us to your #content #sharing #strategy. Content sharing 101 – In the old days ( like 5 years ago) it used to be said that an Advert [print TV] needed to be seen by someone at least seven times before there was any brand recognition. And that really hasn’t changed. Its almost like with the advent of social media everyone thought well I have a Facebook page and Ive posted a few times that that is it. Actually never has it been truer that your potential clients need to see you multiple times before you can start to build that brand recognition. @Danielpriestley talks about the power of the 7 hour rule and takes this further with the concept of 7/11/4. Meaning they need to actively consume your content for 7 hours, in 11 different ways (infographics, text, audio, images) in 4 different locations ( blog, website, social media, podcast). Essentially what this means is you’ve mapped out your customers, your devised your content plan and you need to start sharing it with a coherent content sharing strategy. Check out our blog sharing checklist to make sure you are making the most of your content strategy checklist


Day 9 and one of my favourite things to think about with #12daysofchristmas#12daysofsocial and that is tools.

There are so many tools out there for managing not just your social media but your business as a whole. Really the right tools will make it so much easier to plan and implement a consistent strategy

Tools that we love and use every day are @canva for graphics @coscheudle for scheduling and repurposing social content @latermedia for working in @instagram @sumome for sharing content and @ontraport for #marketingautomation

To get more inspiration for resources and tools check out and download our complete list here


By now you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with all you have to do. but don’t worry there are so many amazing apps out there to systemise your business and social media. Some of our favourites are
@Canva: I cant tell you how useful this has been for me in helping s photoshop challenged and frustrated creative to develop great graphics brand assets for my biz
@Kaboompics: Great free stock photo site with some less cheesy and less well used images
@Typorama: Fantastic app for creating images and memes for social media
@Trello: Love this tool for keeping me organised. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, it tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process

This post will be updated every day until December 23rd 2016. Check back every day for our 12 days to social media success!



We are finally at measuremenT

its so important to measure what is important and how you are growing. this doesn’t have to be a complicated set of analytics but it does need to be something that you track on a regular basis. You might want to track things like, How many website visitors. How many fans and followers, where are they coming from, have you grown your email list? but also how many sales. 

I use a simple spreadsheet and get my awesome VA @aplusadigital to track them on a monthly basis.

Aside from the obvious @google analytics @sumome offers some great measurement tools as well that give great visual content


Want to this all in one document and get a 30 day planning prompts then get out kick start your social media checklist






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