The role of social media for all business

The role of social media for all business
Everyone knows that businesses need social media to be successful. But ask a business owner WHY they need social media and they may be stumped. Often when asked they will give vague answers like: “Because my competition is doing it” or “Because that’s just what businesses do” But understanding the true reason why businesses should use social media will give you a much better grip on how you should be using it as well as acting as a motivating factor to ensure that your social channels are kept up to date with all the latest from your brand. As well as making sure you are using it as a powerful marketing tool to increase your brand value.


Social media has completely changed the marketing landscape. In years past, marketing was all about broadcasting messages and simply hoping that your potential and current customers both see it and understand what you are trying to tell them. Of course, there were always ways to gather feedback like questionnaires, but these simply tested a small proportion of the audience and usually sometime after they had experienced the marketing. Enter social media. With immediate effect, brands were getting instant feedback on their marketing. What people liked and what they hated. They even get solid data on what people were seeing, interacting with and buying as a result. Opening conversations with customers is the biggest reason why social media plays such a crucial role in modern social media success.

Increasing reach

With over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, it is no wonders that marketers use social media as a powerful way to increase the reach of their marketing activities. It is this vast audience and the attention of that audience that social media platforms hold that make it play such a key role in marketing activities. Whether through paid social advertising or ‘viral’ organic posts, social media is THE best way to get your brand in front of a vast and engaged audience. This is especially true of paid advertising where reach can be made super targeted to your desired audience, really pushing your brand in front of those that count the most.

Free marketing

Ok, let’s not be silly. We all know nothing in life is free. Social media marketing is going to cost you really. If you want to grow a substantial and engaged audience on any social platform you are going to have to make a large time investment, you may also need to invest in content creation, channel and community management as well as advertising budget if you choose to boost your reach. But fundamentally, social media can be used by businesses that have no or very little marketing budget, such as small and start-up businesses. In many ways, it levels the playing field in terms of accessibility between small and big businesses as they both have the potential to reach the same audience in the same way. In this article, we have shown exactly why social media plays a role in any business whether large or small. Whether that is opening up lines of communication between brands and consumers, increasing reach or smashing your marketing with a minimal budget. Fundamentally, social media acts as social proof to your audience…portraying your business how you want to be seen amongst your potential customers. Check out the entire blog series on planning your small business marketing:  Want to read the entire blog series as an eBook? Download now by accessing the resource Hub.
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