The simple 3 point guide to business growth

The simple 3 point guide to business growth

I’ve recently started to become obsessed with Business Growth. Ok that might seem obvious but actually its not. Too often we get caught up in day to day activities, surviving the day to day and we don’t focus enough attention of your marketing plan on growth activities. Yes updating your Instagram page is great but is it part of a wider strategy of growth – whether that be revenue, profit, customers – is it moving forward?

So think about this and that pesky competitor?  The one who’s kickin’ your backside? Think that’s cause they are smarter than you?  Harder working?  I’m pretty certain its neither of those things.

Have you thought that instead they maybe stumbled  their way into inadvertently doing something the big boys do – that you don’t. So get this –  If you understood the success secrets of Starbucks, Amazon, and a couple other business giants, you could grow your sales by a thousand percent and that growth we were talking about could be yours.

Ok so yes a thousand percent is big number – but that claim won’t seem unreasonable when you understand that there really are just three ways to grow any business, and grasp just how easily we can show you how to implement each of the three. I’ve spoken about it before but these 3 ways are:

  • Get more customers
  • Get customers to buy more
  • Get customers to buy more frequently

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Obviously, it goes without saying that if you could get more customers, your business would grow.   But what if you could get all those new customers to spend more money with you?   Maybe hard to believe.  But noodle on this: if you do just a passable job at getting more customers, maximize the profit from each, and get them to buy more often, that thousand percent growth number seems more attainable right? And doubling your sales – Well?.

So I’ve developed a 68 point checklist covering all three major factors to business growth and I want to review it with you – free of charge and no obligation.

All you need to do is book a review by clicking the link or the image and we can get you growing.

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