What Are the Best Resources to Use for Marketing?

What Are the Best Resources to Use for Marketing

When it comes to running a successful business, there is one thing you have to master; this is obviously your marketing campaign. No matter what medium you use, it is imperative to use it correctly as using it wrong can often spell disaster.

When it comes to marketing tools and resources, some are overused, and some are ignored. Today we are going to look at some of the most valuable tools available when it comes to marketing.

Video Creation

One of the essential tools at your disposal nowadays is video. Whether you are running how-to videos or small advertisements, you need an easy to use solution to help you create videos skillfully and quickly. 

One of the best pieces of software for video editing is Filmora. Filmora offers a user-friendly and straightforward solution when it comes to editing software, and it also has a 4K rendering ability.

Being able to render in 4K is essential nowadays, especially for YouTube content. YouTube has, in 2019, introduced an algorithm that sets preference to videos recorded and rendered in 4K. 

Brand Visuals

There are many pieces of software out there that can aid in enhancing the visual image of your brand. When it comes to brand visuals, no software will serve you better than Canva.

Canva offers much in the way of flexibility whether you utilize its free tools or pay for its more advanced options, Canva can help you create everything from your company logo to striking visuals for mail headed distributions.

Getting brand visuals right is crucial; when done right, they can catch the eye and imagination of your potential customers. 

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook creator studio is a simple app that allows you to create and broadcast content across Facebook all from one place.

The creator studio allows businesses to create and share content at the same time as viewing analytics. All of your broadcasts can be personalized from the studio, so if you want to run adverts, videos, or live streams, you can add intros and outros to them.

Using Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best traffic driving tools on the internet. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, then we will explain a little more now.

Pinterest users create a board where they can pin an image or infographic that can link to an external source if you so wish. Businesses have been finding amazing benefits from Pinterest and especially its 291 million monthly users.

Using Pinterest can be extremely beneficial, especially if your target demographic is female. A recent survey has shown that 79.5% of users on Pinterest are female.

It is also great to know that year on year; the amount of marketers using Pinterest is on the rise. It is now thought that 27% of global marketing now takes place on Pinterest too.

These are just a few opportunities when it comes to creating content and marketing for your business. 

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