What now? (or how to get motivated when your mojo is gone!)

What now? (or how to get motivated when your mojo is gone!)
Ok its fair to say that the last week here in UK has been someone chaotic, confusing and in places down right depressing. The question being asked a lot of times is now what?
Now this is a wider question for the whole of the UK but its a question that we business owners and entrepreneurs are asking themselves on an ongoing basis. The wider impact of the Referendum is still being played out, but in the meantime we need to be focussed and grab the opportunities that present themselves even in these uncertain times. – and that is what I am ready to do. And yet for a few days earlier this week I found I was really disorientated and didn’t know what to do with myself. Then I gave myself a (virtual) slap and said..FOCUS…. get on with it plus I’m kinda of a doer, but even I at times have times when my brain (and heart) is not really in it. We all have days and times like this when you fell uugghh,   so its important to recognise this, not beat yourself up about it and maybe have a routine to get yourself out of it right…..plus you have a biz to run, you have clients that you need to deliver work for and the to do list is very long. I figured out a while back that I needed a kind of routine to get me back on track when I am just feeling off and this is what I recommend.

Here are 7 of my tips on how to get motivated when you have lost your mojo…

  1. Take the day off (or more if you think you need it). Of course this is a luxury if you don’t have some pressing client deadlines and ill need to make the time up but sometimes there is just no point forcing it. So take the day off – go to the beach and give the dog an extra long walk, have lunch with family or friends.
  2. Mentoring & coaching are so important for ongoing development. Last year I invested in Todd Herman 90 Day year. Luckily he has just realised the June 2916 program and so I’ve spent a bit of time recently catching up on this and also giving getting mindset straight and resetting goals. This is great to see what you have achieved and to level set that you are doing the right things for the business as you move forward.
  3. Focus on training – like most business owners I spend a lot of time ( and money) on training & developing and enhanching skills. Use the time to catch up on training and education. It makes a great difference to how I feel and soon has me thinking about how I can implement new found skills. Is a great kickstarter for me.
  4. Use the logical brain rather than creative brain: Focus on those jobs that need doing that often get put off but are less taxing on the creative brain – get the accounts up to date, pay expenses, review your systems and analytics. Again this can help me to refocus and see how far I have come but also gets me fired up about what I still need to do.
  5. Exercising – I know this is obvious but it really really does help.
  6. Bake a cake. I love to cook and this act of producing something fab to eat gets my enthusiasm back up for creating in the business.
  7. Develop a personal & a business manifesto and look at it when you are feeling like unmotivated. It really will help!
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