Why a brand story is essential to marketing

Why a brand story is essential to marketing

In days gone by it used to be that brands just needed a line or two to accompany their current campaign. These days, businesses are developing ‘brand stories’ to tell the world what they do and why they do it. But what exactly is a brand story? And why is it so important to your marketing strategy?

What is a brand story?

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A brand story encompasses everything about your business – your history and your values. It shows the world what you have to offer and it tells them why you do it. Brand stories are often used to tug on the heart strings, and to inspire people around the world.

Your brand story can be reflected in:

  • Website copy
  • Logo and designs
  • Campaign taglines
  • Advertising and branding materials
  • Customer service
  • Staff conduct
  • Investments
  • Charitable support and donations

The trick is to make sure all of these elements connect to make a cohesive story. If you need some inspiration, here are just a couple of the most famous and successful brand stories:

Toms Shoes

According to their website, Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie was inspired by the hardship he saw while travelling through Argentina. Struck by the amount of children who had to survive without proper shoes, Toms Shoes now has a ‘one for one’ policy. For every pair of shoes bought, another pair is donated to a child in need in over 70 countries. An inspiring story that has surely inspired millions of customers to buy Toms Shoes.


Ben’n’Jerrys is arguably one of the most famous ice cream brands on the planet. When you buy a tub of your favourite flavour, you’re not just buying the actual ice cream – you’re buying into the Ben’n’Jerrys vision. A vision of values, big dreams, and, above all, fun. Their website describes how the company has evolved from two friends with a dream into a global brand in great detail.

Why does it matter?

Stories inspire emotion and emotion inspires action. A powerful story can stay with you for the rest of your life, just think about the books your read or the films you saw as a child – they probably still stick in your mind. Similarly, crafting an incredible brand story that grabs attention can help increase your customer base, and encourage loyalty so that your brand can grow further and further. The importance of brand stories can’t be ignored – so is it time you started thinking about yours?


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