Why I rebranded my business

Why I rebranded my business

I have been resisting this for so long. My own personal website in my name. I mean who wants to see my face everywhere. Not me!

But here is why it is so important and why I couldn’t put it off any longer.

  1.  As I’ve worked on developing by marketing agency Fifty One Degrees it became more and more noticeable that I couldn’t address and serve some key people that need help as a ‘company’ but needed more one on one support and coaching, from me.
  2. I’ve hidden behind my company name for so long that I think that some of the personality of me was getting lost. When thinking about who you serve and who your ideal clients are,  sometimes they want to see the person and sometimes they need a company. This way I have the perfect balance to serve you how is best.
  3. People still buy people, no matter what we think and you need to show who you are and what you stand for.
  4. Your name is your brand and if you are not shaping it then you are missing out on a key aspect of marketing today.
  5. I had to put my money where my mouth is and work more on my own brand development.
  6. As I develop and grow the agency side of the business I want to be able to distinguish between me and the business – and not get lost.
  7. I really am on a mission to help other grow a business they love and I’ve partnered with some great people to help make that happen.
  8. I AM publishing a book this year… yes I really am – and to promote influence from that I needed a website in my name – so this is just the start!

So this is a work in progress folks. If you find some random links to Fifty One Degrees that are broken let me know as I may not have found them all. But by being really clear about who I am and who I help I can grow a business I love (most of the time) even more. So get in touch if you need help growing your business

Caroline xxxx

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