Why You Need a Welcome Series for Website Subscribers

Why you need a welcome series for website subscribers

Businesses large and small plough a great deal of time, effort and capital into driving traffic towards their websites. It’s a shame then, that comparatively few know how to engage users once they have landed on their homepage. Moreover, even when brands employ lead capture devices to ensure that users leave their email address before clicking away, they still don’t necessarily use the data gleaned to its full potential. When a website user gives you their email address, they’re making a statement. They’re saying that they’re trusting you and your brand. The last thing you want to do at this important juncture is to ignore them.

Instead of letting them forget about you until your next quarterly newsletter rolls around, why not introduce a welcome series for new subscribers? Almost 75% of new subscribers expect at least one email at the point of subscription. By using a series of tailored content to welcome new users you can avail yourself of all kinds of benefits…

Build brand awareness and reinforce your core values

With so many brands competing for their attention, any brand awareness you build with website visitors can fade quickly, even if they’re happy with their purchase if you don’t keep in touch. A welcome series helps maintain awareness of your brand. It also subtly reinforces the values that help your brand to align with what matters to your target audience. Not only do you remind them who you are, but you also remind them why you’re worthy of their attention, time and money.

Build trust in your brand

A welcome series helps to remind prospective customers that you haven’t forgotten about them. It also allows you to share success stories, keep them abreast of new developments and products and even allow you to share the testimonies of other happy customers. 

You can create a tailored stream of content designed to build trust in your brand.

Increase meaningful engagement 

By following up on their interest straight away, you stand more chance of making the kind of impression that leads to prolonged and meaningful engagement with your target audience. Tell them what they want to know and they’ll likely also follow you on social channels and visit your website more often, too.

Overcome objections and show your value 

Every prospective customer will raise objections in their heads while perusing your website. Bargain conscious customers will want to know they’re getting the best value before they commit to buy. Your welcome series can give them the assurances they need by pre-empting and answering their objections and reasserting faith in your brand.

How to set it up

Establishing a template for a welcome series of emails will help you to get the most out of your user engagement. It should go a little something like this;

  1. Welcome- Tell them a little about what makes your brand special. Be sure to make it as personal as possible.
  2. Connect- Your second email should help make it easier for recipients to connect with you through different social channels as well as letting them know where they can direct enquiries.
  3. Re-engage- Not heard from a subscriber in a while? Now might be the perfect opportunity to re-engage them. Perhaps with a unique single-use promo code for their next purchase. This has more value if it references past purchases or interactions with your brand.
  4. Share resources- Send out links to blog posts that the subscriber might find useful or any tutorials or ebooks which will help them get more value out of your brand.
  5. Ask them for their opinion- Show them that you’re listening and value what they have to say. The feedback you encourage in your welcome series can help to shape your business for the better going forward. 
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