Why you need to think about branding for your small business growth

Why you need to think about branding for your small business growth
From Google to Nike, big businesses have recognisable and understandable brands.
But what about smaller or start-up businesses? Do you really need to invest time, money and effort in building your brand when you are just starting out or have just a handful customers and employees? It might seem pointless to some, but it is far from it. In fact, building a brand for smaller businesses is arguably the most important time to do so. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your brand is just about how your website or your business looks.  Instead you need to look at the brand as the complete end to end system that your company goes to market with – from logo to tone of voice, to how you engage with staff and how they in turn speak with customers, to your values and ehtics. PwC’s global insights survey highlights that:
More than one in three ranked ‘trust in brand’ as among their top three reasons that influence their decision to shop at a particular retailer, other than price.
So if that is not to convince you then here are 3 other reasons:


 The goal of every small business is to get bigger and establish a larger percentage of their market share. Building a recognisable brand will go a long way to helping you do this. Marketing is the art of getting your brand out there and in front of those who may one day become your customer. Building a powerful brand facilitates marketing and even makes sales substantially easier. In a digital sense building, a brand allows you to leave recognisable breadcrumbs that will be seen and followed across the internet. These lead back to your website where you can ultimately make more sales.

Makes life easier

 What is an easier answer to the question: “so, what do you do?” “I design and manufacture specialist shoes that are used by athletes to increase their performance. I also sell these shoes to consumers as fashion items as they love to look like their favourite athletes.” Or… “I own Nike” This might seem overly practical, but when selling or even networking an established brand will help you to quickly and concisely tell people who you are, what you do and what you stand for. In fact, very powerful brands become synonymous with what they do, this means they practically market themselves. Think: “I’ll Google that” or “Hoover that up”

Easier to employ talent

Small businesses thrive off a handful of super-talented individuals. That is why hiring the best people is so important to ensuring business success. By building a brand that represent your ethics and what you want to achieve you will in turn attract talent that wants to achieve the same. We can see that building a brand isn’t just for behemoth organisations. Small businesses can benefit from creating a strong, recognisable and consistent brand. This allows for quicker sales, attracting better talent and facilitates business growth. If businesses fail to build their brand they run the risk of being forgotten, which is dangerous in volatile markets. Our digital marketing and brand audit will help you figure out the first steps to take in defining your brand and ensuring a consistent online approach. Book an intro chat here. BOOK A CHAT
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