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7 Ways a Marketing Mentor Can Help You Grow Your Business

7 Ways a Marketing Mentor Can Help You Grow Your Business

An expert marketing mentor can truly make a difference to the success of your marketing strategy and to the effectiveness of your marketing team. A trained marketing coach with industry experience doesn’t just give you accessibility to the latest insights and tools. 

A marketing mentor can also help you create a marketing strategy that aligns with your brand and make the most of your marketing budget – even if limited! That is why it isn’t surprising that over 70% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs and over 65% of companies that partnered with a mentor reported an increase in productivity and profits. 

But let’s look at some of the benefits of partnering with a marketing mentor for your SME. 

Marketing Mentors Are Essential To Understand The Unique Challenges Your Business Faces 

Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula when it comes down to creating a marketing strategy for your business. And, in an effort of sending the right message to your audience, it’s easy to end up settling for a less-than-cohesive strategy and burning through your allocated marketing budget. 

An expert marketing mentor will be able to review your performance and assess what are the main challenges your business is facing. For example:

  • 34% of small businesses lack a dedicated marketing department, and the owner is also the person responsible for marketing
  • Lack of marketing proficiency and knowledge of the target audience
  • Inadequate budget – for almost 60% of SMEs, this is the main marketing challenge they face!

A Mentor Will Lead Your Marketing Team Forward

If you are running a small business, chances are that you won’t have a stellar in-house marketing team from day one. Some companies (just under 40% of SMEs) opt to outsource most marketing tasks, while others rely on an in-house professional. 

Whichever alternative you have opted for, partnering with a marketing mentor can help you fast-track your team’s skills and understanding of the target audience. In turn, you can achieve your marketing and visibility goals much faster!

Mentors Give You Increased Accessibility to Industry Insights

Just like any other industry, the marketing sector is developing at lightning speed – especially now that most marketing revolves around digital means! Creating a flashy tagline and a memorable logo are still important elements, but there is much more to a successful marketing strategy! 

Partnering with a mentor allows you to better understand what available tools are out there and how to use them to your advantage.

Marketing Mentors Can Help You Develop a Cohesive Strategy

All of your company’s elements should be aligned with your mission – and marketing is no different. However, achieving strategic alignment can be challenging, and you might end up with a marketing strategy that just doesn’t communicate the right message. 

Expert marketing mentors have decades of experience in the industry and working with several companies. Thanks to their expertise, they can help you align your marketing material to your brand’s voice, values, and visual identity.

A Mentor Can Help You Save Time and Money

When you are operating on a small budget and you need to quickly increase the visibility of your business, there might not be much space for A/B testing and trial-and-error. Partnering with an expert marketing mentor means that you will have immediate access to industry insights, innovative tools, and a thorough understanding of the competition. 

All of this can help your team set off on the right path from day one, thus saving your precious resources to reinvest in other aspects of your business. 

A Marketing Coach Is There To Offer You a Second Opinion

When owning or managing a business, you are likely to have doubts about every step you take. And, doubts and fears are what might stop you from achieving your business’s goals! A mentor can be that professional figure who helps you make clarity, understand the implications of your marketing choices, and identify the best next move for your company. Additionally, they are there to answer any questions you might have along the way!

A Mentor Is the Marketing Director You Didn’t Know You Needed – Or Don’t Have

Not many small businesses have space in their budget to hire a professional marketing director – especially because a marketing expert will require an average salary of £67,427! This can be a severe financial strain on an emerging small business! 

In this case, a marketing mentor can act as a marketing executive in charge of developing a cohesive marketing strategy – no matter if you are still doing it all by yourself or have hired a freelance marketer.

Meet the Best Marketing Mentor for Your Business

When looking for the right marketing mentor for your business, remember that the mentor-student relationship is a two-way one. So, not just any mentor will work! Look for someone who has thorough experience in the industry and has a proven track record of dealing with the unique dynamics of small businesses. But, don’t forget that they might be younger than you or come from entirely different backgrounds!

If you want to know more about how I can help mentor your business get in touch. caroline@carolinesumners.com


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