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Smarter Marketing Club

Smarter Marketing Club

Your recipe for business growth:

A community that blends your years of experience and hard-earned wisdom and combines it with simple, smart marketing strategies that work just for you. 

Your strength is your superpower: you’re robust, resilient and creative. Together, let’s harness that and turn it into something you love: connection. 

Through more of those special moments with your family. Through meaningful but measured conversations with prospective customers. Through doing more of the work you love.

the smarter marketing club

So are you ready to earn more money in your business than you ever did in your corporate job, without it taking over your life?

Then, let’s go!

It’s time to get smart with your time; so you can feel confident in how and where you invest your precious time into marketing your business.


Lets create smart marketing, that works for you.

Have you ever found yourself saying you hate the dark art that is marketing? I get it! I’m pretty sure I’ve even said it myself at one point or another. If I could go back and tell myself two things when I started my business, it would be that it isn’t for the faint of heart and that you can’t have a sustainable business without marketing.

If I had known that, I would have asked for help much sooner and stopped doubting myself. I need you to stop beating yourself up, feeling guilty that you should know everything there is to know about marketing. You shouldn’t! Do you know the ins and outs of managing your accounts? Nope. Your expertise lies in your business.

So I decided to create the marketing support you need and the community that I wish I’d had when I was setting out.

Because here’s the thing: the smarter you are with the time you invest and the marketing tactics you use, the more you’ll grow a sustainable business that doesn’t take over your life.

You don’t have to do it alone – flailing around in the dark, finger in the air and hoping for the winds of change. But it so can often feel overwhelming, can’t it? It’s noisy out there. I totally get your frustration and fear that unless you’re a hip, young thing dancing on TikTok … you and your marketing just isn’t going to be relevant.

Well, I’m here to call BS on that.

In the Smarter Marketing Club, we’re not about that sleaze and inauthentic ick that seems to be everywhere in the digital marketing space. I’ll help you cut through the noise of that crowded market and stand out, without second-guessing yourself.

We’re all about creating smart strategies that work for YOU, nobody else. I meet you where you are on your journey. I wave a big white flag, reassuring you that our combined expertise and camaraderie will make you feel supported, safe and secure to grow your business in a way that feels authentic and achievable.

Say hello to a new-found motivation to show up, sell your offers with confidence and make sales success your reality.

This isn’t just any marketing membership.

When you join us in the Smarter Marketing Club, I’ll introduce you to my roadmap – this will take you through all the essential steps to create a marketing system that works for you. One of those first steps will be introduce you to my unique 8-step approach to creating a successful customer journey.

Because here’s the thing: there’s just no point helping you to get more traffic to your website, if you don’t have everything in place to give your prospective customer the best experience possible. This can be a real lightbulb moment – by mastering this together, we’ll ensure you build customer loyalty and generate leads and sales.

I want you to know that as you work through each step of the roadmap, I’ll be encouraging you to focus on just one tactic at that stage. Remember – we’re all about keeping things simple and easy to analyse. I also want you to know that I’ll never teach you any marketing tactics I wouldn’t be prepared to do myself. Ethics and integrity is the name of the game.

And here’s one more spoonful of my special sauce: as a certified Coach, I’ll work closely with you to tackle any sneaky mindset issues that rear their ugly head and prevent you from showing up consistently and confidently.

So let me introduce you to future you:

Hey, I’m Caroline

I believe that marketing is a conversation, not a transaction.
Businesses that rise to the top and win are the ones that connect with their audience and create a meaningful experience. Because people buy from people, and what’s more – they buy from people they have a connection with. I promise you that this is easier than the “marketing gurus” are making it out to be.

People turn to me for practical, simple advice that makes sense for them. My non-negotiable commitment to you is always to give yoU supportive truth and honesty. Not just what you want to hear.

I’ve always had a taste for international travel and adventure (ask me about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!) – no challenge is too hard for me. I come armed with a can-do attitude and bags of determination. So if you’ve ever felt that ‘walking in quicksand’ feeling of running a business and been tempted to pack it all in, I’m the expert cheerleader you want by your side.

Imagine for a second that you’re on a date and it’s going well. The conversation’s flowing, there’s a teeny spark and you’ve decided a second date is definitely on the cards. Then dessert comes. You bite into a piece of chocolate cake. Woah Nelly! There’s a diamond ring in there. They’re proposing. On the first date. Meanwhile, you don’t even know their middle name. You’re beating the land speed record to exit the building.

Now: imagine taking this approach with marketing. I fell in love with marketing when I became the European Marketing Manager for IBM in 2000. Their approach was all about creating, nurturing, and maintaining relationships. Today, that’s more important than ever. When we have meaningful interactions we can easily turn those conversations into customers.

And it’s this approach that had me saying “I do” to a career in marketing. We’ve been going strong for over 20 years now!

Want to know if the smarter marketing club is right for you?

By now, it should be clear to you that I’m here to help you build a business that gives you freedom, financial sustainability and purpose, without any sign of:
Here in the Smarter Marketing Club, we’re stripping away the complexity and the fluff. Just the essential tools and support from me and the community you need, to:
Keep it Simple, Celebrate Consistency
The complex digital marketing landscape can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and exhausted. Together – we focus on simple, step-by-step strategies and achievable tactics that empower you to show up consistently and make an impact with your messaging and offers.
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Many memberships are one-size-fits-all and fail to address your unique needs and learning style. Here at The Smarter Marketing Club we work a little differently; you’ll benefit from 1-1 coaching support and targeted resources in multiple formats. So whether you’re a reader, a watcher or a listener – you’ve got no excuse to take action 😉

Learn from others who’ve Been There, Done That

We’re not interested in chasing shiny objects or latest trends. Individually, we have decades of professional experience. Collectively, our wisdom, wide-reaching experience and expertise are one of our greatest assets.

Step inside the membership and open the door to:
Your membership will unlock access to marketing masterclasses like:

Pay Monthly: £47

● Freedom and financially flexible, with a monthly rolling contract
● 10% discount on 1:1 sessions and any other offers
● Founding member fee - for life

Pay Annually: £470

● Everything in pay monthly, plus:
● A massive 2 months free if you pay annually
● A free 1:1 Marketing Audit & Strategy Session worth £150

We’re bringing you:

Powerful knowledge that only comes when you can calmly navigate the choppy seas of digital marketing. We’re talking about knowing exactly what you need to do when it comes to SEO, social media and email marketing

Confidence in your marketing moves; giving you tools and advice to identify the most effective marketing channels to reach your target audience

More leads! By showing up consistently in the right places, with customer-focused brand messages and relevant offers

The gift of time – imagine no longer feeling like time is no longer the enemy and instead, you’re getting results even with the limited time you have

The Smarter Marketing Membership is perfect for you if:

But it’s probably not for you if:

Hear from some of my happy clients:

“Since working with Caroline, I’ve become really clear on the steps I need to take to market my business at its current stage. I’ve gone from flailing around in the dark to knowing exactly how to reach the right people on Linkedin. In fact, my reach grew by 85% period-on-period over the last 90 days and my followers grew by 17%. I used to dread thinking about marketing but now, I look forward to my calls with Caroline and I’m excited to engage with LinkedIn! I’ve learned that you do have to show up and do the work; Caroline will give you the framework and the understanding, but when it comes to results, you’ll only get out what you put in. I now feel I have an actual business, not just an idea!”


- Milly Barker
“I’ve spoken to many other ‘marketing experts,’ and whilst they might help you with one thing, no one has ever been able to give me an easy-to-follow process with a manageable amount of things to do. Until now! After two short sessions with Caroline, I understand where I have gaps in my marketing funnel and what I need to do to fix them. I finally understand what it means to reuse content. I’ll be far more confident in spending on marketing as I know it’s not going to waste. Caroline has given me, a very busy business owner, a marketing strategy that I understand and don’t have to spend 6 months building. It’s taken me less than a week. Caroline is friendly and straightforward and demystifies the marketing process. If you’re unsure what you’re doing regarding marketing – she’s your woman.”


- Jessica Heagren