The Brand Manifesto

The Brand Manifesto

I believe

that marketing is a conversation. It’s an experience and not a transaction.

that the businesses that rise to the top and win are the ones who connect with their audience, because people buy when they feel connected.

I also believe that a walk on the beach once a day is essential.

I’m not one for breaking the rules. I won’t even park on double yellow lines, but when it comes to marketing I WILL tell you what you are doing wrong.

people turn to me for practical, simple advice that makes sense for them.

my uncompromising and non-negotiable values in life are truth and honesty – when you have had a boyfriend do the dirty on you – you will understand why!

my people are strong independent women who are forging their own paths and controlling their own futures, no matter what that means to them.

my people are the orange in a sea of beige.

it doesn’t matter to me as long as you show up and do the work.

I am on a mission to double your business, no matter what.

your marketing should have purpose and shouldn’t be as mindless as scrolling through Facebook on your lunch break waiting for your chicken sandwich.

hanging out with me will make you finally say ‘I do’ to marketing.

if you want something in life work for it, and if you cant find it – build it yourself.

I go to bed every night with the satisfaction that I helped another business owner on their path to their greatness.

with my friends I am the talk to anyone, (sometimes sensible) clumsy one.

like Madeline Albright I believe there is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.

I will not rest until I rid the world of bullshitters who don’t care about your business and just about themselves.

I don’t believe in working with someone who doesn’t believe in me.


What do you believe?
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