Environmental and
Sustainability Policy


carolinesumners.com is committed to sustainability as a guiding principle when carrying out our services.
I aimto meet the needs of the business, without compromising the needs of future generations.
Concern for the environment is central to this commitment. My aimis to limit impact on the environment caused by our operations, where possible.

Our environmental and sustainability action plan


  • take all reasonably practical steps tomeetour sustainability commitment.
  • purchase supplies and products that have least impact on the environment, and where possible purchase localgoods andservicestoreduceCO2 emissions.
  • reduce the use of energy, water and other resources.
  • use electronic document management where possible to reduce the need for paper;
  • minimise waste by re-using or re-cycling where possible;
  • communicate our environmental and sustainability policy to clients, customers, members and suppliers;
  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation; and
  • regularly review our working practices to meet our environmental and sustainability objectives.
  • use vehicles only when necessary;
  • use ‘green’ methods of transport where possible – walking or cycling being the preference
  • eliminate unnecessary travel to reduce our carbon footprint;
  • Endeavor to only use suppliers and service providers e.g. couriers that are aligned with our core sustainability values;
  • promote and take part in local environmental initiatives and support charities which promote sustainability in the poorest countries of the world; see our support giving back and support of Surfers Against Sewage and UN Sustainability Goals