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Learn The Exact Next Steps You Need To Take For Your Business!


Are you a coach, consultant, or creative who feels overwhelmed by everything you must do to succeed in this post-pandemic world?

You might be too close to your own business. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. Your indecision, or on the other hand, hasty decision-making, causes problems. Your lack of confidence in yourself leads you to believe that you can’t reach your goals.

Maybe you’ve hopped from course to course, chasing shiny objects without making much progress.

You’re ambitious and on a mission to build your business and live the life you crave, but one more disappointment and you think you might give up.

Feel Confident You’re Focussing On The Right Things...
Imagine Having Consistent Leads And Knowing Your Priorities Are Aligned

Business Audit


For years, I felt I should do everything myself and know all the answers because that is what I do for everyone else. And I have hidden in the background, not putting myself out there. Finally, I decided to develop my Making Waves system to help myself, and now I’m using it to help business owners like you!

It’s time to experience what an aligned business [CS3] looks and feels like for your business! Every part of your business will feel in flow; you’ll know what steps to take, and you’ll be able to be more consistent in your decision-making and your progress.

Take The Time To Work With Me, And I’ll Help You Climb Out Of That Rut.

The online audit will help you discover the blind spots in your business and FINALLY get unstuck by identifying gaps in the customer journey where potential customers are missing important information about you.

In the Making Waves Online Business Audit, you’ll discover the number one activity you need to prioritise right now to create a huge impact.

Confidently Head In The Direction Of Your Dreams

After a one-hour session with me to diagnose your business and marketing concerns, you will receive a roadmap to success and be less stressed and more what they need to do.

You’ll feel assured about your decision to start a business again.

Thanks to my customer journey and sales funnel expertise, you’ll see more consistent leads.

You’ll make more conversions and turn more one-time customers into loyal customers!

Thanks to my method, you’ll have a solid plan and be able to accomplish it.

I’ve spoken to many other ‘marketing experts,’ and whilst they might help you with one thing, no one has ever been able to give me an easy-to-follow process with a manageable amount of deliverables. Until now! After two short sessions with Caroline, I understand where I have gaps in my marketing funnel and what I need to do to plug them. I finally understand what it means to reuse content. I’ll be far more confident in spending on marketing as I know it’s not going to waste. Caroline has given me, a very busy business owner, a marketing strategy that I understand and don’t have to spend 6 months building. It’s taken me less than a week. Caroline is friendly and straightforward and demystifies the marketing process. If you’re not quite sure what you’re doing regarding marketing – she’s your woman.
Jessica Heagran, MD

What You Get With “making Waves”

Confidently head in the direction of your dreams

Afterward, you will receive a plan of action from me, which you can confidently follow to head in the right direction.

Get Back Your Confidence

After my “Making Waves” business audit, you can be more confident in your business decisions and see progress quickly. With my plan for success, you will be able to increase your leads and profits. My guidance will help you stand out in the crowd.