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I recently worked with Milly Barker, a fractional COO, as part of the 121 three-month marketing coaching programme. Here is what she had to say about our work together.

I’ve become really clear on what I need to do to market my business at its current stage. I went into it thinking I needed to do a bunch of SEO and was flailing around in the dark. Now I’m really clear on how to actually reach people (push content, rather than pull) and I’m no longer afraid to post things on LinkedIn and Instagram
In terms of stats, I’ve seen my:
LI impressions grow by 85% period-on-period over the last 90 days
LI engagements grow by 214% period-on-period over the last 90 days
LI followers grow by 17% period-on-period over the last 90 days

There hasn’t been a question I’ve asked that you haven’t had a clear and actionable answer to and none of those answers have been ‘spend more money’ or ‘just use AI’. It’s all really solid, useful, tactical things that I can do. I used to dread thinking about marketing and now I really look forward to our calls and I’m excited to engage with LinkedIn (still not convinced on Instagram, but that’s more about Zuckerberg than anything).

Genuinely, just do it. Best money you’ll spend. But you also have to show up and do the work. Caroline will give you the framework and the understanding, but if you’re not putting the time in then that’s on you.

I feel like it is a business, before I felt like it was an idea of a business. Plus, the stats above!