Social Media Marketing In Portsmouth

Giving Your Brand A Boost Online & In The Local Area

Whether running an established business or a launching a new startup in the Hampshire area, our social media marketing Portsmouth are just for you!

Our team of advisors and experts can devise and incorporate a winning strategy to bring quantifiable improvements to both visibility and conversion rates alike. Mastering the world of digital marketing has never been simpler.

Connect With Portsmouth Consumers In Style

Did you know that 95% of consumers under the age of 35 follow their favourite brands on social media more than any other platform?

Furthermore, thousands of people throughout Portsmouth and the surrounding areas use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al. on a daily basis. If your brand features prominently on their feeds, you will have a far better chance of gaining their custom.

After all, social media marketing is about more than promoting products. It is an extension of your brand and can incorporate elements of branding, client education, customer care, and insight into the people behind the company. Given that users are constantly accessing data on the go, strong social media marketing strategies will increase the offline traffic rates as well as the online figures.

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Use Targeted Marketing For Better ROIs

Ultimately, the success of any marketing strategy will be determined by the return on investment. If the campaigns fail to bring a spike in revenue, they cannot be considered a success.

Social media marketing is built to produce the best ROIs. Here’s why:

  • Social media campaigns can be targeted using geographic and demographical filters to ensure that content reaches the right people.
  • Paid social media adverts are far cheaper per impression and per lead than traditional marketing strategies.
  • Social media ads can reach clients on a 24/7 basis while multi-channel marketing and scheduling allow for maximum exposure and effect.
  • Engaging content can include videos, audio, links to your site, and extend to interactions with your customers.
  • Social media analysis allows for the removal of content and tactics that aren’t working while paying greater attention to those that do.

Our professionals ensure that all content and ads are targeted to your niche and portray the company in a way that fits the brand and is designed to gain results.

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Examples Of Social Media Marketing

While posting links to your product pages or store can play a central role, social media marketing campaigns should take a far more comprehensive approach. With our team behind you, your social media strategies can extend to:

  • Building profiles that offer clear contact details.
  • Creating imagery to suit the dimensions of the social platform.
  • Using automated messaging to promote deals and answer FAQs.
  • Using custom Snapchat filters to encourage social sharing.
  • Promoting testimonials and seeking referrals.

Running successful social media campaigns is hard work and will consume a lot of time, but the results are truly breathtaking for your Portsmouth-based business.

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As a local team of marketing experts, we understand the challenges facing modern business in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas and can utilise a combination of social media skills and localised knowledge to increase engagements with far greater results than a generic company in another part of the world could every hope to achieve.

To enjoy those benefits without the drawbacks today, give our social media marketing Portsmouth team a call today.​