Why you need a Quiz as part of your lead generation strategy. 

Why You Need a Quiz as Part of Your Lead Generation Strategy
We all know that Quizzes have had a lot of bad publicity lately, with the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica debacle, but put that aside,  and do it well and Quizzes are a great tool to have as part of your lead generation strategy.
When done well quizzes can generate a lot of leads quickly, but one of the most important things to remember, that is often overlooked,  is that they are part of your content marketing strategy overall and to make them as effective as possible you need to remember the following 5 things!

1) Quizzes Are an integral part of your lead generation funnel

When developing your quiz, consider that the purpose of your content marketing is to take your potential customers through 3 stages in the lead generation funnel of Awareness, Evaluation and Conversion and in order to move them through these stages you need to offer different types of content for each stage. Quizzes should not be looked at in Isolation but as part of your overall funnel and if you get your quiz right they can do the job of Awareness and Evaluation.

2) Quizzes help people appreciate that you know what you are talking about. i.e they start taking you seriously.

Your content funnel needs to cover all content for Top, Middle and Bottom of Funnel and the content in these stages will do different things for you. Traditionally the Quiz is a middle of funnel activity and it helps your potential customer or prospect really appreciate that you know what you are talking about – because it offers actions and insights and it will start to position you in the eyes of your prospect that you are someone to work with. However if you get your quiz right they might also become aware of you through the quiz. 

3) a quiz helps you offer insights that leads to your services.

By its very nature as a middle of funnel piece of content, you need to ensure that your quiz leads to the services that you offer. There are are a huge number of options available to build out your quiz but I love Interact. Not only is it easy to use and integrate into your website, but they also have a huge number of quiz templates to use, or you can build out your own – no matter what industry you are in. With Interact not only is it so easy to develop your quiz, even if you are stuck for ideas, time poor or lacking in the resources to spend lots of money on developing the quiz, but as an added bonus you are able to share your quiz in many different ways from pop up, to share bar or even embed on your website (without being a tech genius). Any good quiz set up will deliver a result and then lead into a series of insights, training and education for the quiz taker that may ultimately lead to selling your services – or Conversion

4) Quizzes help you to segment your prospects early on in the nurturing phase

In building your quiz you are gaining insights into the quiz takers and gaining an understanding of their level of knowledge or interest in a subject and depending on what you are selling, you are able to ensure that the information you are sending them is right for them at the time.

5) A Quiz should give your Quiz taker some useful insight and knowledge

As with all content marketing, the role of the quiz is to offer value and to delight the person that has taken the time to answer the questions. But also remember that this content piece is part of the customer value journey and that your content needs to educate and excite if they are going to come back for more! There are a few good ways to do this
  • Detailed results book sent to email with the results
  • Email welcome series with insights tips as they relate to the quiz result
  • Send other third parties useful content that relates to their current quiz result and what their next steps might be.
Inspired to develop your own quiz or got any questions then let me know in the comments below. Or why not take our quiz on what your marketing personality is: >>>>>
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