What should I do about effects of Apple iOS 14 on Your Facebook Ads

what do i need to know about ios14 and facebook ads

Apple has now fully rolled out iOS 14, and it’s going to change the way you do business on Facebook. If you want your ads to be seen by as many people as possible, this blog post will give you a few tips that will help optimize your existing campaigns or create new ones.

With the rollout of iOS 14, users are now presented with an opt-in prompt on each app, allowing them to choose whether they consent to third-party sites like Facebook to track their user data. 

One of the most significant impacts of this will be on changes to optimization and targeting. Targetting and optimisation is done using a Facebook Pixel.

What is a Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixels are small bits of code that track users on the web who have visited your Facebook Page, which can help you target specific audiences for ads. The power of the Facebook ad platform has always been in the granular detail of ad targeting. That is why you often feel like ads are following you around the internet – it is all to do with the Pixel. I mean, I get ads for dog food and dog beds all the time!

However, with iOS 14 now installed, several people will be opting out of these pixels by default, meaning they will no longer show up in targeted audiences when running a campaign. This will impact all advertisers and businesses.

Additionally, With iOS 14.5, the maximum amount of conversion events that an advertiser can use to track will be eight per domain.  So, if you’re an advertiser, you will need to prioritize the eight most important events to you. E.g. add to cart, visited thank you page etc.

conversion events that you can choose from are;

 – add to cart

– visited thank you page

– added product to wishlist

– viewed category or subcategory in a store app (merchant)

Things to do now

  1. Verify your domains with Facebook
  2. Decide on the 8 conversion events you want to focus on

So how do I approach advertising now?

As with all things marketing, it is all about the value you give to customers, so some top tips to how to approach marketing in the age iOS14

Create engaging organic social content and something that wants them to give you their email address. – e.g. a Quiz

Continue to create content and solutions that solve a problem for your customers.

Additionally, think about increasing your budgets for video marketing as this increases engagement.

Get them on your email list so that you can communicate with them directly.

Use retargeting and remarketing ads on Facebook, where you can target the same customer several times over, but with different ad creatives so that your message is fresh each time and giving customers what they need most from you at any given moment.

And if y.ou are not yet GDPR compliant, it is time to get on top of this.

You must have the correct GDPR policy in place and a cookie policy. To do this, you must ensure that the data collected and stored has proper user consent and can be appropriately leveraged for media execution purposes. 

Yes, the iOS update is huge, but with a consistent approach to offering value throughout the customer journey, you will continue to reach new customers.

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